Who Is A Gifted Child?

Gifted students have characteristics and needs that are unique, but as a group they comprehend complex ideas quickly, are inquisitive, and tend to learn more rapidly and in greater depth than their age peers. They tend to retain information in richer detail and use that information to make connections between seemingly unconnected concepts. Each gifted child is complex and unique, and Sycamore School understands and celebrates that. Simply put, gifted children are the reason for our school’s existence, as shared in our Mission.
Sycamore School exists so that academically gifted children can experience the enriched, accelerated education they need to reach their potential and to lead responsible, constructive, fulfilling lives.
Parents often ask us how they might know whether or not they have a gifted child. Parents in fact are excellent identifiers of giftedness in their children. If your child demonstrates some or all of the 12 Signs of Gifted Students listed below, you might have a gifted child who would benefit from Sycamore School. Click here to learn even more about these 12 Signs of Gifted Students.
1. Early language development
2. Excellent memory
3. Persistent curiosity
4. Rapid learning
5. Sense of humor
6. Intensity
7. Long attention span
8. Sensitivity
9. Keen skills of observation
10. Preference for older playmates
11. Perfectionism
12. Strong sense of morality and justice

High Achiever or Gifted Learner

Some students are high achievers, while others are gifted learners. Some students are both. But you might be asking yourself what the difference is between a high achiever and a gifted student.

Gifted Characteristics

What characteristics might I see in my young child if he or she is gifted?

While the 12 Signs of Gifted Students might be reflected in these, some characteristics of the young gifted child are unique. Your child might be gifted if he or she demonstrates some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Varied interests
  • Extensive vocabulary
  • Advanced play
  • Rapid skill development
  • Enjoys puzzles and games
  • Imaginative
  • Organized, controlling
  • Asynchronous development

What are characteristics of gifted children, and what might be some associated challenges or tendencies for these children?
How can I learn more about giftedness?
Visit the sites listed below to learn more about gifted children, and/or click here to see a list of recommended reading.

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