How to Apply

Admissions Application Process

Applications are now being accepted for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 and school years.  For more information, contact the Enrollment Management office and Erica Harrison at 317.202.2544.

How to Apply

A complete application will include the items listed below. Click on each item to see a more complete description of that given item.

The application deadline for the upcoming school year is February 15, which means that each of these items must be completed by that date in order to receive an admission decision by early March. Families whose child is offered admission in early March have until mid-March to submit a completed enrollment agreement and a non-refundable $600 enrollment deposit.

If you will not complete the application process by February 15, you certainly can still submit an application for admission. Applications for the upcoming year that are completed after February 15 will be considered on an individual basis as space allows.

We are also still accepting applications for the current school year. Families can apply at any time, with no deadline, and we will consider such applications as long as space is available in the grade for which the family is applying.

List of 6 items.

  • Application for Admission

    Click here to submit an online Application for Admission to Sycamore School. If you are applying for the current school year, we will accept applications at any time during the year. If you are applying for the upcoming school year, the application deadline is February 15. If space remains after we communicate decisions early in March, we will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis.

    Fees Due With Application

    GradesApplication FeeIntelligence/Achievement Testing Fees
    Preschool$100Preschool screening included in the application fee
    Prekindergarten through Eighth Grade$100Fee paid directly to the school’s consulting psychologist administering the test(s)
  • Birth Certificate

    The application portal includes a checklist item that allows you to upload a copy of your child's birth certificate.
  • School Records

    The application checklist requires you to upload copies of our child's most recent report card and achievement test results (e.g. NWEA), if applicable. If your child does not have one or both of these, please email the Enrollment Management Office to explain this so that any applicable item(s) can be waived by the Enrollment Management staff.
  • Teacher Recommendation

    The application checklist includes a teacher recommendation. To request this recommendation, click "start" next to that checklist item, and follow the instructions to submit the name and email address of a current or very recent teacher. If your child does not have a teacher and thus you cannot request such a recommendation, please email the Enrollment Management Office to explain this so that this item can be waived if appropriate.
  • Applicant Assessment

    Preschool applicants will be scheduled to complete the Early Screening Profiles instrument, published by Pearson, once an application is submitted. This is administered at Sycamore School by Sycamore staff. The cost of this screening is included in the non-refundable $100 application fee.

    Applicants for Prekindergarten through Eighth Grade must complete individual intelligence (IQ) testing. These results must be submitted by the application deadline, when applicable. Evaluations are administered by a licensed clinical psychologist at the family's expense, and payment for this service is made directly to the examiner. Sycamore’s consulting psychologist, Dr. James J. Gange, comes highly recommended and is very experienced working with gifted children. Additionally, if you obtain testing through Dr. Gange, and if your child is offered admission and enrolls at Sycamore, the cost of the testing is credited toward their first student tuition bill. Contact Dr. Gange directly for IQ testing and fee information and/or to schedule an appointment for testing at or 317-202-2515.

    Click here for more information about assessment and screening requirements.
  • Shadow Visit (Prekindergarten-Eighth Grade)

    The Admissions Committee will complete an initial review of all applications for admission. If an applicant for Prekindergarten through Eighth Grade appears to be a good fit for Sycamore, the final required step in the process is the student spending a day here at Sycamore in the current grade level.

    This shadow visit allows Sycamore teachers to observe the student's engagement academically, socially, and otherwise. This visit also provides an excellent opportunity for the student to experience a day in the life of a Sycamore student.

    The Enrollment Management Office will communicate with families regarding this shadow visit following the initial review by the Admissions Committee. Ideally, this visit will happen prior to the application deadline. As such, we encourage families to submit the application and to complete the other required items, including IQ testing, in advance of the application deadline whenever possible.

Enrollment Announcements & Applicant Pool Placement

The first enrollment announcements and enrollment agreements for 2021-22 will be mailed by early March, 2021. All applicants with completed applications will receive a letter about their applicant status at that time. Parents of students offered enrollment will have ten business days to sign and return the enrollment agreement and to pay the non-refundable tuition deposit. If an agreement is not returned by the deadline indicated on the contract, the classroom space may be offered to another qualified applicant from the applicant pool. If classroom space does not exist for all appropriate candidates, some may be placed in the Applicant Pool to be considered when an opening occurs. Enrollment may be offered to an applicant over the summer or during the school year if classroom space is available.