Flik Dining Services at Sycamore

Flik Independent School Dining is pleased to be a part of the Sycamore Community once again! 
This year students are eating lunch in their classrooms. Students or parents are placing lunch orders online through Nutrislice, our menu
platform. Orders are placed in advance and then delivered to the classrooms at lunch time. Current menus can be found at
Since the founding of our company in 1971 by Rudi and Julie Flik, we have been a culinary driven company that believes fresh made is best made. Our focus has always been cooking from whole, fresh ingredients while limiting the use of processed foods. We believe in using the highest standards for ingredients when cooking, including
• Fresh fruits and vegetables sourced locally whenever possible
• In-house roasted turkey and roast beef
• Milk and yogurt sourced from cows that are certified to be rBGH/rBST-free
• Poultry raised with restricted use of antibiotics
• Foods prepared without the use of artificial colors and flavorings
We hope you’re excited as we are!

Download Sycamore School Flik Dining FAQ


We believe food is an education and a path to a healthy lifestyle, so we focus on bringing you innovative meals at Sycamore that are:
  • Unique, flavorful and designed to satisfy your nutrition needs
  • Made with fresh and authentic ingredients to excite your taste buds
  • Grounded in wellness to fuel your day
  • Created with sustainable and responsible practices

Did You Know...?

We prepare our foods from whole fresh ingredients, limiting the use of processed foods and avoiding products containing artificial colors, flavorings, M.S.G., preservatives, and high levels of sodium.

We feature organic, local and Fair Trade fruits and vegetables as availability & pricing allows.

We serve rBGH and Antibiotic Free Milk. The milk is produced at farms that do not inject cows with the growth hormone rBGH (recom-inant bovine growth hormone).

In our effort to become more socially responsible we have moved to using only biodegradable paper products.

Our eggs are always from cage-free hens.

We use cleaning compounds which are much less toxic to the environment than conventional chemicals, and contain less packaging.