Health Care
The School Nurse is the health manager of the school and is responsible for maintaining health records and delivering health services through the clinic by providing temporary care for students, faculty and staff, or visitors who are ill. The nurse promotes health and wellness throughout the Sycamore School community.
Learning Resources
The Learning Resource Specialist provides academic support services to students identified as twice exceptional (2e): gifted students with learning differences and/or attention difficulties. The Learning Resource Specialist administers Individualized Strategy Plans for 2e students, which outline accommodations and strategies to support the learner for a successful academic experience. Parents of 2e students at Sycamore School are supported by ongoing communication with the Learning Resource Specialist, use of a resource library, and engagement with a parent empowerment group.
Social Emotional Wellness and Counseling
The Psychologist directs a proactive, prevention-oriented social/emotional wellness program for all students at Sycamore School. Program goals are to develop emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills that will enhance overall student wellbeing and improve learning. The program reinforces the integration of social/emotional learning into the academic curriculum through faculty support and consultation. The program supports Sycamore School parents through education seminars, a parent book club, discussion groups, and psychological consultation. Additionally, the Psychologist provides individual and group counseling to Sycamore School students.