Sycamore School offers need-based financial assistance toward tuition

Financial assistance at Sycamore School is need-based, which means it is based on a family’s ability to meet educational expenses.

Financial aid enables families to enroll students who could not otherwise afford an independent school education due to financial constraints, and is designed to make Sycamore more accessible to families, thus fostering a more diverse school community. Sycamore School believes that the primary financial responsibility for an independent school education rests with the parents to the extent that they are able to pay.

While grants of financial aid are not intended to cover all of the cost of attending Sycamore, we make every effort to provide assistance where need has been clearly identified.

Eligibility & Requirements

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  • Financial Aid timetable

    Early November – Interested families may apply for financial aid.
    February 15 – Deadline for applying for applying for financial aid through SSS
    Mid-March – Award notices sent to families
    April 16 – Deadline for providing all additional documents
  • How to apply

    Click on the School and Student Services (SSS) link on this webpage and apply online by completing the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS). There is a non-refundable application fee paid directly to SSS as part of this process. Sycamore School’s code is 7589.

    For assistance with applying online, please contact SSS at 1-800-344-8328.
  • Required Documents

    • Federal tax 1040 and all schedules
    • W-2’s

    All documents will need to be uploaded with your online application. Instructions on how and when to upload the documents will be sent to you by SSS after completing the PFS. Sycamore School does not directly accept any documents related to financial aid unless we specifically request them from the family.

    For additional information about financial aid and/or for answers to questions you have about financial aid, contact Patrick Juday, Chief Financial Officer.
  • Awards

    Your child must have been offered admission to Sycamore School before financial aid is considered. Award notices usually are sent to families in mid-March. If documents are missing from the application, a contingent award will be sent to the family. No award will be finalized until all documents required by the school have been received and verified satisfactorily. Families must return a signed acceptance of the award by the deadline indicated on the award notice (usually within about 7 days).
  • Family disclosure responsibility

    If the Financial Aid Committee becomes aware that a family or applicant knowingly failed to disclose significant income or assets, or otherwise knowingly provided inaccurate information on a financial aid application, Sycamore School reserves the right to rescind some or all of the financial aid award.
  • Confidentiality Statement

    Sycamore School will treat all financial information provided by families in the strictest of confidence. Only the Financial Aid Committee and appropriate administrative personnel will have access to this information.

Financial Aid FAQs

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: How is financial aid determined?

    Sycamore School uses School and Student Services (SSS), a service provided by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), to help us determine your family’s contribution to educational expenses. This system considers the family’s income, net assets, family size, special circumstance s and other criteria in determining the amount a family can afford to contribute toward the cost of tuition. The Financial Aid Committee uses the standardized calculation provided by SSS as well as the overall budget as guides in determining the award amount to each family.
  • Q: Should I apply for financial aid?

    Few families find it easy to pay tuition at independent schools, and many families view the nominal application fee as an acceptable cost to find out if they qualify for financial aid. Each family’s combination of circumstances is unique. The best determining factor comes from your own personal knowledge of your family’s finances.
  • Q: How do I apply for financial aid?

    You will need to apply online with School and Student Services (SSS) on their website, which can be accessed by clicking on the link on this webpage. Once online, you will need to complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS). There is a non-refundable application fee paid directly to SSS at the time of application. Once the PFS is completed, you will receive an email requesting additional documents, including the Federal 1040 and all schedules, all W-2’s, and any other forms the school may request. All forms must be uploaded directly to SSS. The school does not directly accept any documents related to the financial aid application unless we specifically request something from the family.

    For assistance with applying online, please contact SSS at 1-800-344-8328.
  • Q: Will applying for financial aid affect my child’s chances of being accepted into Sycamore School?

    No. The admissions process is financial needs-blind, so applying for financial aid will in no manner affect your child’s chances of being offered admission to Sycamore School.
  • Q: Do I have to wait until I have completed my taxes before I can apply for financial aid?

    Your PFS must be completed by the deadline (usually February 15), so do not wait until your taxes are completed to apply. Your taxes and other documents are required and may be submitted later. The deadline for submitting all remaining documents is April 16.
  • Q: Must both parents be employed to receive financial assistance from Sycamore School?

    While the school understands that some families place a value on having a stay-at-home parent, Sycamore School views the choice of a family to maintain a one-income household as limiting the family’s ability to fund an independent school education. Based on this philosophy, the school considers both the actual and potential income that can be earned in each household by calculating a minimal imputed income for the non-working parent. The actual and imputed incomes of both parents are considered in arriving at the award amount. Additionally, the school does not give special consideration for parents attending school in determining financial aid.
  • Q: What are Sycamore’s expectations regarding divorced, remarried, or unmarried families requesting Financial Aid?

    Sycamore School requires that the households of both parents complete the financial aid application to provide a complete picture of the family’s resources. If a biological parent has no role both personally and financially in the child’s life, a letter from a disinterested and acceptable third party is needed (minister, attorney, social worker, etc.). We are also aware that circumstances differ among divorced families and encourage you to contact the school to discuss the specifics of your circumstances should this present a hardship. The addition of another adult into a household, either through marriage or a relationship that becomes established, may change the family’s financial situation to a considerable extent. In the school’s view, the combined resources of the new family unit must be considered in arriving at a financial aid award decision. It will therefore be necessary for the financial aid application to include the financial information of both adults in the new family unit as well. An established relationship includes, but is not limited to, any or all of the following: adult cohabitation, financial support, involvement in student’s life, involvement in Sycamore activities, cosigning of the enrollment agreement, etc.
  • Q: What is the process for paying the remaining tuition balance?

    You may pay the balance of the tuition through one of the school’s payment plans, which includes paying by semester or through a monthly payment plan.
  • Q: What will next year’s financial aid be like?

    Each year a family must reapply for financial aid. While the school cannot guarantee the same level of aid from year to year, every effort will be made to make award offers that are fair and comparable.
  • Q: What if, after I receive my financial aid award, I feel I still cannot afford to send my child to Sycamore?

    Sycamore School will allow a family about a week to consider the financial aid award. If the family declines the offer within that time, the School will release the family from the enrollment contract and will refund any advance deposit that was paid, provided the family applied for financial aid before the February deadline.
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