Safety and Security

Sycamore has procedures in place for responding to tornadoes, fires, and other internal or external threats to the safety of the students. Exit routes in case of fire are posted in all rooms and public areas and fire drills are held monthly. Explicit directions for safe locations and procedures in the event of a tornado are discussed with all students and tornado drills are held regularly. School internal and external threat lockdown procedures are also practiced on a regular basis, including bomb threats and earthquakes.

A Crisis Response Plan and a Crisis Procedures Desktop Guide are distributed to all employees.  These documents outline crisis prevention, emergency procedures, the transmission of information during and after a crisis, and post-crisis procedure, including reunification procedures.

A Crisis Committee meets regularly to review and update all crisis policies and procedures and to stay abreast of the most current information on crisis management. There are also several Sycamore administrators and staff that are school safety specialists through the state of Indiana.

When necessary, Sycamore will implement security restrictions. These restrictions range from restricting outdoor activity to locking down in safe spaces or evacuating.

For medical issues, our school nurse’s office is staffed with a nurse who can attend to immediate medical issues and dispense medication. A number of faculty and staff members are trained in first aid and CPR, and defibrillators are placed in designated locations on campus.