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Gifted Education. It’s what we do for students from Preschool through 8th Grade

Is your young child curious and talkative? Does he or she have a good sense of humor, learn quickly, and remember everything that you ever promised?

You may have a gifted preschooler.

These are merely a few of the signs of a young gifted child. Often, these children are also intense, have long attention spans, and can be very sensitive. Sometimes they are perfectionistic and good observers, noticing Sycamoreblue_transeverything around them. They often have a strong sense of right and wrong and fairness.

Young gifted children have academic, social, and emotional needs that are different from other children. Sycamore School is dedicated to meeting those  needs for gifted children as young as three-years-old. It’s not too late to enroll in Sycamore’s Early Childhood Program. We provide a unique and stimulating education for gifted children in preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten. Sycamore will give your child the educational opportunities needed to develop his or her very unique potential.

Contact the Admissions Office at 317-202-2544 or email Erica to learn more about the one-of-a-kind learning experience that awaits your child at Sycamore School.


At Sycamore, gifted learners find a home.

After high school, Sycamore graduates have attended top colleges, universities and graduate schools in the US and Canada including Brown, California Institute of Technology, Cornell, Duke, Harvard, Julliard, Northwestern, Princeton, Rice, Smith, Stanford, Tufts, Washington University, University of Califoscience_girl_weighrnia-Berkley, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, the University of Victoria, Vanderbilt, and Yale.

Sycamore graduates have attended medical schools, law schools, business schools and graduate PhD programs. They have served in the Peace Corps, taught English in China, Bulgaria, and Hong Kong, and mastered Arabic, Mandarin, and Japanese. Our alumni have served on medical mission teams in Africa and South America.

A number of our graduates have won the prestigious Kelley and Wells Scholarships at Indiana University.

In addition to academic achievements, Sycamore graduates have starred in dramatic performances, performed in outstanding choral and instrumental groups, and played key roles in state championship athletic teams and marching bands. They have also been recognized for holding positions of leadership and performing service to their communities. In every area, Sycamore graduates stand out as well-prepared, successful young adults.xc300x240

It is important for our brightest students to have an intellectual peer group, and at Sycamore they find one. The atmosphere is electrifying as the sparks fly among the active minds of our students. We work hard, and we play hard, and the positive energy is palpable from the moment you enter the school.



 Is Sycamore Worth The Price?

chicago_busThere are a lot of reasons to love Sycamore, but only one of them makes the tuition worthwhile. Sycamore School shapes gifted students into gifted humans – people who are comfortable in their own skin. Sycamore helps students think clearly and potently, and who engage the gifts they’ve received with humility and a determination to make the most of their lives. – Read More

We shape gifted students into people who are comfortable in their own skin, who think clearly and potently, and who engage the gifts they’ve received with humility and a joyful determination to make the most of their lives.

At Sycamore School, gifted students learn at a rate and intensity that fits them. It is accelerated, but it’s the rate and challenge that stirs intelligence to life and delight.

At Sycamore School, gifted students achieve greater learning success. The greatest challenge in educating a gifted student is engagement – and giving minds that cover ground in a big hurry a ton of ground to explore.

At Sycamore School, high intelligence is normalized. Rather than being “different” and feeling like an outsider, gifted is the norm at Sycamore, which allows kids to be themselves.

As you explore our website, we hope you see that Sycamore is a unique and exciting place set on a beautiful campus, and hope that you will come visit us in person. From preschool through grade eight, you will see inquisitive, joyful, eager, and confident learners in a superb educational environment.


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