Welcome - It's Going to be a Great Year!

Diane Borgmann - Head of School
Well, here we are, over a week into the school year. Can you even remember summer?
It’s terrific having all the kids back in the building, excited to continue their learning journey. I’ve heard so much enthusiasm from kids about their expectations for this year! Teachers are excited too! Teachers spent lots of time in the summer planning to make the school year a raging success.

The universe cooperated nicely by gracing us with an eclipse on August 21. There were approximately 100 Sycamore folks who traveled to the Sycamore Outpost in Hopkinsville, KY in order to be in the path of totality. The rest of us stayed here and, despite some occasional clouds, got to clearly view every stage of the eclipse. We used our Sycamore eclipse-viewing glasses or homemade viewers mostly, but we also had a couple of Sycamore parents who brought solar telescopes for viewing. Many parents joined us—what a celebratory day!

I want to share with you the goals that our entire faculty and staff will be stressing this year:
1. ISACS Re-accreditation
Through the work of numerous sub-committees, thoughtfully analyze every aspect of Sycamore, produce committee reports, and publish an exemplary Self-Study in preparation for the Visiting Team in the fall of 2018.

2. Strategic Technology Plan

With leadership from Patrick Cauley and the Technology Committee, produce a Strategic Technology Plan to guide us through the next 3 years.

3. Leadership in Gifted Education

Debrief the 2017 “Gifted Education in Independent Schools: Mission Accepted” conference and plan the next iteration of this successful conference.

4. Innovation

Following our initial year of using our new spaces to focus on innovative ideas and educational experiences for our students, dig more deeply in order to solidify and enhance the quality of experiences kids have in the Bhatia Lab and the Innovation Lab.
Of course, these are not the only goals for the year. Every division and department and all individual faculty and staff members have annuals goals. The goals above, however, are common goals toward which we will all be striving. Vince Lombardi said, “Individual commitment to a group effort—that’s what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” I would add that it also makes a school work!

We are beginning the school year with 412 students, including 59 new students representing 37 new families. Our enrollment is currently strong. Thanks to our SSA for providing activities over the summer to make our new families feel welcome! It's going to be a terrific year!

Our promise to you: “Your child will be known and loved.”

Onward and upward!

Best regards,
Indiana’s Only Accredited, Private, Independent Preschool - 8th Grade School for Gifted Students