Carpool Matters

Patrick Juday
It's been a little over a year since we altered the afternoon carpool pattern for the Lower School, and most everyone has made the adjustment to the new pickup procedure. I appreciate the waves from drivers, and I appreciate patience from everyone as I (and Rob Nichols and Jamie MacDougall) direct traffic at the intersections on the grounds.

Our main goal is to maintain a safe environment during carpool so that:  1) there are no accidents involving pedestrians; 2) there are no fender benders; 3) we avoid traffic backing up on 64th and Grandview; and 4) the traffic managers can go home safely in the evening.
However, while there seems to be a comfort level established with the new pattern, there is also a need to reiterate safety when driving on campus as we are receiving more reports of concerns over speeds through the parking lot: 
*  Please, do not come in "hot" from 64th Street or Grandview. Once you are on school grounds, drive at a safe and slow speed. Do not let your personal schedule drive your driving habits on Sycamore School grounds.  In other words, if you are late getting somewhere else, don't let that affect safe driving habits through the parking lot.

*  Always yield to pedestrians who are walking through the parking lot. This is a school, and there will be children and adults walking through during carpool. 

*  During morning carpool, in front of the main entrance, drive exceptionally carefully. If you are driving to the Middle School drop-off, make sure you are not cutting too quickly in front of vehicles unloading Lower School students as those vehicles may be preparing to pull out. If you are pulling out of the Lower School drop-off point, be careful not to pull out in front of another vehicle. Exercise patience and courtesy.

*  During afternoon carpool, watch the traffic manager and be prepared to stop. If you haven't noticed yet, Lower School traffic will generally have the right of way, so if you are picking up a Middle School student please be prepared to stop to allow LS traffic to exit.

*  If traffic backs up excessively on 64th street, be prepared to be directed to go down the far east lane of the east parking lot and to stop at the stop sign. This will clear 64th Street for street traffic. LeRoy or Ric will manage traffic back to the school through the Lower School loop.

*  If in doubt, take it slow and easy through the parking lot, and again, exercise patience and courtesy to your fellow Sycamore families!
We will be looking at ways to improve traffic safety on campus in the near future, and I will update everyone with any planned improvements.
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