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  • Four Important Things We Think About When Marketing Sycamore School (and a few more notes too):

    In our most recent blog from Communications and Marketing, we wrote about our paid (outbound) advertising for our Fall, 2018 marketing campaign.  Among our initiatives was inclusion in private school guides in Indianapolis Monthly and Indianapolis Star. We have just wrapped up an October/November run on WFYI radio, and also completed a pair of Facebook campaigns that targeted Early Childhood families not already at Sycamore. On the flipside, we are working on inbound marketing as well, providing content for those who are searching for private schools, for gifted education, and for Indianapolis-area schools for their children.  We balance both inbound (people searching for us and for relevant content) and outbound (where we are strategically searching for potential students and parents to see our messages and ads).
  • Early Childhood students at Sycamore

    Why Making A Charitable Gift to Sycamore Matters

    I was once a parent at Sycamore and no matter how much I believed that Sycamore was the right choice for my children, it was sometimes painful to write tuition checks. As a parent, I found it interesting to learn that tuition did not cover the full cost of educating my children. Sycamore’s model of tuition plus philanthropic gifts to cover the budget is a very common independent school model.
  • Curiosity and Learning

    One of the characteristics often found in gifted children is a deep curiosity. Curiosity can be defined as the intense desire to explore novel, challenging, and uncertain events. Curious children are filled with wonder. An important benefit of being curious is that a person is very open-minded toward new ideas, interests, and adventures.
  • Chores?

    How many of you had chores for which you were responsible as a child? How many of you require your children to do chores? Do your children understand what chores are? One small study, done over a period of 25 years, found that the best predictor of young adults’ success in their mid-20s was whether they participated in household tasks at age 3 or 4. 
  • School Zone Ahead: Three Years Down the Road

    Slowly and steadily, we have implemented improvements to traffic safety, including yield and stop signs, speed bumps, directional signs, lane striping, and cones. Over the last several years (has it really been years?) that I have been working my second job as the traffic controller at afternoon carpool, I have learned much about what it takes to be an intersection traffic controller.
  • How Do I Know if My Child is Gifted?

    During my thirty-one years as Director of Admissions at Sycamore, the question I have been asked most often is "How do I know if my child is gifted? "Identifying children with high academic and intellectual potential can be extremely complicated.  The process often includes some type of formal assessment. Listed below are other key components we at Sycamore use to generate reliable information that informs the identification process.


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