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  • Integrating Math and Technology

    Integrating math and technology can be tricky. Many times, teachers use apps on iPads or use websites like IXLMathletics or more to have students practice skills and then track the students progress. That’s fine and those apps do provide a much-needed service especially in the data-rich educational classroom of today.
  • Reflections of a Sycamore Alumna

    Sycamore was quite a drive for us, about 45 minutes each way in good traffic.  And it was expensive.  My father was a serviceman for a heating and air company and my mother was a cardiac nurse at St. Francis, working mainly on weekends.  Even though it was a stretch for us geographically and financially, my parents knew the value of a great education and wanted to provide the best for us.  Sycamore, to them, was worth every sacrifice.
  • WHY GAMES NIGHTS MATTER: Ten great games your family can play together

    Why are games important and why have we enjoyed them for generation after generation?  Why is game playing so valuable for young children?
    1. Inherent in game playing are social skills such as sharing, waiting, and turn-taking. 
    2. Children also experience disappointment when a game or turn doesn’t go as they hoped
    3. They begin to realize that luck can change quickly while playing a game. 
    4. When children play games with others of various ages, parents, grandparents, siblings, etc, they also learn valuable communication skills. 

    (Click the headline to open the full story and see Jennifer's Top 10 Games)
    Jennifer Williams in the Head of Early Childhood (Preschool - K) at Sycamore School.  She was a kindergarten teacher for more than 20 years.
  • Marketing Blog - Truth, Transparency and Finding Partners

    Let’s start with something simple:  the Sycamore car magnet.  The one with the big red leaf.
    When someone sees a Sycamore School logo on a car magnet or in a print ad or a video on YouTube, we want him/her to think something good about us, to associate Sycamore School with intelligence and compassion.  We love it if our core character values (respect, moral courage, empathy, and relationships) pop into their head. That kind of branding doesn’t happen in one day.  Or one week.  It happens over time. And it’s most effective if it feels organic, real, and unobtrusive.  Here's how we are doing it in 2018-19:
  • Choosing a school that is right for your child

    "The emphasis on STEM — science technology engineering and math — they're very important. But the arts, the humanities, physical education, are just as important. So that's the first thing. I always encourage parents to take a look at the curriculum."

    Read article posted online at about how to find a school your kids will love.  Below, read Sycamore's Head of School Diane Borgmann's thoughts on the piece, and choosing a school in Indianapolis.
  • Sycamore has comprehensive Crisis Plan

    Sycamore has a comprehensive Crisis Plan, one that outlines plans and procedures for almost any kind of crisis you can imagine: severe weather, fire, intruder, earthquake, bomb threat, assault, disruptive individuals, hostage, kidnapping, injury, shooting, national disaster, etc. We hope most of these emergency situations never occur, but we are prepared if they do.


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