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  • Choosing a school that is right for your child

    "The emphasis on STEM — science technology engineering and math — they're very important. But the arts, the humanities, physical education, are just as important. So that's the first thing. I always encourage parents to take a look at the curriculum."

    Read article posted online at about how to find a school your kids will love.  Below, read Sycamore's Head of School Diane Borgmann's thoughts on the piece, and choosing a school in Indianapolis.
  • Sycamore has comprehensive Crisis Plan

    Sycamore has a comprehensive Crisis Plan, one that outlines plans and procedures for almost any kind of crisis you can imagine: severe weather, fire, intruder, earthquake, bomb threat, assault, disruptive individuals, hostage, kidnapping, injury, shooting, national disaster, etc. We hope most of these emergency situations never occur, but we are prepared if they do.
  • Welcome - It's Going to be a Great Year!

    I want to share with you the goals that our entire faculty and staff will be stressing this year. We are beginning the school year with 412 students, including 59 new students representing 37 new families. Our enrollment is currently strong.
  • Should I consider giving stock to Sycamore?

    Have you considered giving appreciated stock to Sycamore? There are a couple of reasons why you would want to give the stock that you have owned for over a year, rather than a cash gift, to Sycamore.
  • Great Books for Gifted Students: Preschool through 8th grade

    See the lists of great books from 2016 that were compiled by Sycamore's Head of EC, Head of Lower School, and Head of Middle School.  For gifts this year and after, it's a list that is good long after the holidays.
  • What Should I Expect Academically?

    Often parents will stress about the fact that their child isn’t progressing at the same rate as a classmate. At Sycamore, we’re sometimes asked where a child “ranks” in his/her class. Because of the nature of academic development and progress, questions such as this are harder to answer than you might imagine.


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