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Fulfilling Promise Campaign

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The Fulfilling Promise Campaign
The Fulfilling Promise campaign addresses several areas of need.  First, improvements to the building are being made to create a facility that best supports our programs and our students. Second, the school will establish a financial aid endowment, and finally, this comprehensive campaign is the next exciting step in the school's history of almost 30 years.

Three Initiatives
1. The Building
Sycamore's program has always been the school's primary point of focus, but our environment must keep pace with the innovative curriculum.  Sycamore has had two previous capital campaigns that funnded the addition and renovation of facilities to meet the program needs of gifted learners.  Thirteen focus groups - incluuing staff, parents, students, neighbors and city representatives - met with the architectural team from Ratio Artchitects.  Armed with a wish list and building usage information, Ratio submitted a campus master plan to the Board of Trustees.  This wish list resulted in teh buidlingof the following new spaces.

Additions to Sycamore:
The Guenthner Family Entrance
Hagerman Family Middle School Commons
Scott A. Jones Family Board Room
The Bhatia Family Technology Lan
The Innovation Lab
The Quest Room

2. Financial Aid Endowment
Most Sycamore parents have chosen Sycamore, not because of their ambition for their kids, but because kids are part of a small minority of unusually intelligent children whose intelligence created particular education needs.  The cost of a Sycamore education has caused some families to not enroll at Sycamore, and some have left because of financial burden.  We must be a school the meets the needs of gifted studens, regardless of their parents' ability to pay tuition.  To reach this goal, Sycamore is establishing a financial aid endowment. Our goal in this campaign is to raise $500,000 towards this endowment.

3. The Sycamore Fund
Sycamore School operations without support from local, state, or federal governments. Sycamore depends on the Sycamore Fund to make up the difference between the cost of educating a Sycamroe student and the tuition.  Each year, everyone in the school community is asked to contribute with a financial gift to the school. The Sycamore Fund helps meet the school's day-to-day needs. Sycamore needs $400,000 annually to maintain a balanced budget and this support will continue to be acritical during the period of the campaign.

Campaign Goals
Fulfilling Promise through Effective Learning Environments: $4 million
Fulfilling Promise through Financial Aid: $.5 million
Fulfilling Promise through the Sycamore Fund: $1.2 million
Campaign Total: $5.7 million
Sycamore's Self-Investment: $2 million
Philanthropic Need: $3.7 million