From the Head of School

Welcome to Sycamore School!

I am proud to serve a school with a deeply held and focused mission: Sycamore School exists so that academically gifted children can experience the enriched, accelerated education they need to reach their potential and to lead responsible, constructive, fulfilling lives. Sycamore is similar to most private, independent schools in terms of infrastructure and administration. Our mission, however, sets us apart from most schools. Our mission drives everything we do and all we hope to be.

At Sycamore, we serve kids in the top 2-3% of the population in measures of intellectual potential. In a typical educational setting, these kids are outliers and often do not get their needs met. Here, however, that’s what we do. We offer a program of rigorous academics, visual and performing arts, athletics, and foreign language. Intertwined throughout the program are our four core character values: respect, moral courage, empathy, and relationships. Our kids learn to do good along with doing well.

Our faculty is second to none. Trained in gifted education, teachers here understand exactly what these kids need, and they know how to provide it. When kids of similar intellectual potential are placed with smart, dedicated teachers, the sparks begin to fly!

Please take some time to tour our website, and then come visit us. It’s very hard to understand the happy energy that pervades Sycamore unless you see it firsthand. I am privileged to be a part of this very special school!

Onward and upward!
Diane Borgmann
Head of School
Sycamore School

Sycamore School: Worth Every Penny

There are a lot of reasons to love Sycamore, but only one of them makes the tuition worthwhile. 

Sycamore School shapes gifted students into people who are comfortable in their own skin, who think clearly and potently, and who engage the gifts they’ve received with humility and a determination to make the most of their lives.

There is no question that Sycamore alumni do well and achieve greatly in their lives, and that attending Sycamore has a formative and preservative impact on young students that pays dividends throughout their lives. But the best way to measure Sycamore’s value is to compare our approach to your child’s development to the desires of your heart.

We are champions for the cause of children. We are committed to engaging and inviting the best in the students we educate, and to providing the environment and encouragement that most potently enables them to thrive and enjoy a successful life, however they may define it.

You know what’s best for your children. You have deep insight into how they experience the world, what the world tells them about who they are, and what truths they should hold onto. Ultimately only you can determine what a Sycamore education is worth for your child.

Here’s the promise we make to you:

As a parent, you have already made certain promises to your children.

You have promised to keep them safe. To love them. To discover who they are, and to do what you can do to help them grow in that identity. You have promised to help them develop a vision for their life. To equip them. And to send them into the world as prepared as they can be.

At Sycamore School, those are our promises to your child.  And to you. 

Gifted and Different

For most people, the process of getting to know oneself and how one relates to other people is a daunting one. Anything that makes a child feel different can easily become something that makes him or her feel like an outsider. The right setting allows children to be themselves.

  • At Sycamore School, gifted students learn at a rate and intensity that fits them. It is accelerated, but it’s the rate and challenge that stirs intelligence to life and delight.
  • At Sycamore School, gifted students achieve greater learning success. The greatest challenge in educating a gifted student is engagement – and giving minds that cover ground in a big hurry a ton of ground to explore.
  • At Sycamore School, high intelligence is normalized. Rather than being “different” and feeling like an outsider, gifted is the norm at Sycamore, which allows kids to be themselves.

Fulfilling Promises

Sycamore School helps parents of gifted children fulfill their promises, and we help gifted children grow into the promise within them.

To see how we’re doing at living this promise, please explore the blog section of this site. Call or come in, meet the staff and some students, and see if what you experience here seems like the kind of school you want for your child.  We hope to see you here.