Testing for Admission

Preschool applicants will be scheduled for assessment once the application checklist above has been completed. The Early Screening Profiles instrument, published by American Guidance Service, Inc., is used for early childhood screening and is administered at Sycamore School by Sycamore staff. 

Students applying for Grades One through Eight must submit results of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition (WISC-IV) or a comparable individual intelligence test and the results of a recent acceptable standardized achievement test. (2nd through 8th only)

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  • Preschool Screening

    Children seeking admission should display well-developed language skills, an acute memory, and curiosity. Admission to the PS classes is based on multiple criteria including:
    • Results of a preschool screening and observation conducted at Sycamore. Children scoring above the 95th percentile will be given serious consideration for admission. Preschool screenings are scheduled through the Admissions Office and are conducted in February or by individual appointment throughout the year.
    • A parent recommendation indicating characteristics of giftedness
    • A current teacher recommendation, if available
    • Age-appropriate social and emotional development and behavior that would enable the child to function effectively in a classroom environment
    To remain at Sycamore after Early Childhood, children must show positive progress and potential and score at or near the Very Superior range of intelligence on a standardized, individually administered intelligence test taken prior to the child’s Kindergarten year.
  • Pre-Kindergarten - Eighth Grade Screening

    Children seeking admission should display a high level of intelli-gence and academic achievement and need a curriculum that is broader, deeper, and faster-paced than most. Admission to the Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade classes is based on multiple criteria.
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  • Non-Discrimination Policy

    Nondiscrimination Policy: Sycamore School admits qualified students of any race, color, gender, and national or ethnic origin, and is impartial in its administrative and educational policies with respect to these characteristics.
  • Sibling Policy

    If a qualified sibling and a non-sibling apply for the same available opening, preference will be given to the sibling applicant, unless extraordinary qualifications of the non-sibling applicant require that the non-sibling be admitted in order to best fulfill the mission of the school.

Bio: Dr. James J. Gange

James Gange, Ph.D. serves as the Consulting Clinical Psychologist to Sycamore School. He is the parent of four Sycamore graduates. Dr. Gange has been involved with Sycamore School since 1986. He became the school’s Consulting Clinical Psychologist in 1993.

Dr. Gange received his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri . He joined the staff at the University of Minnesota in pediatric psychology prior to moving to the Indiana University School of Medicine in 1983. Dr. Gange worked at the Riley Hospital for Children and in private practice before he began working at Sycamore.

Contact Dr. Gange directly for testing fee information and to schedule an appointment for testing at or 317.202.2515.