Early Childhood

Our youngest students learn to enjoy music while experimenting with their own voices. Orff instruments and creative movement are included in the program.

Lower School

Lower School students receive music instruction twice weekly. In Grades One and Two principles and elements of music are taught through song and movement. Basic music theory is introduced at this level. Students in Grade Two explore music elements through the study of percussion. Grade Three students study recorder and guitar. Students in Grade Four complete their studies of basic music elements and theory through the study of a brass or woodwind instrument.

Middle School

The goal of the music program at the Middle School level is to instill a love and appreciation of music through performance, guided listening, attending concerts, watching performances, and exploration. The program also strives to teach students an understanding of music history in a global context. Instrumental and choral music are optional, however the majority of students participate in one of the offerings which include Concert Band (Grade Five), Symphonic Band (Grades Six through Eight) and four grade-level choirs. Both bands have always received top ratings and are widely recognized as outstanding groups. Students may also elect to participate in Jazz Band as a FLEX activity.