School Zone Ahead: Three Years Down the Road

Patrick Juday / Chief Financial Officer and Afternoon Traffic Controller
Over the last several years (has it really been years?) that I have been working my second job as the traffic controller at afternoon carpool, I have learned much about what it takes to be an intersection traffic controller. I’ve developed my own traffic control gestures, presence and methods that I hope have made carpool better and safer for drivers, pedestrians, students and me. Slowly and steadily, we have implemented improvements to traffic safety, including yield and stop signs, speed bumps, directional signs, lane striping and cones.

Also steadily, parents are catching on to the new way of doing carpool. As I’ve written before, I really appreciate the waves as you drive by (as long as it’s a safe wave), and it’s one of the few opportunities that I get to connect at any level with parents.

A few things to keep in mind at carpool times:
  • Lower School and Middle School carpool should enter from the 64th Street entrance for afternoon carpool. Coming in from Grandview and turning left in the parking lot to get into the LS or MS carpool lines has the potential for causing problems if traffic backs up on 64th street and needs to be directed down that lane. Keeping traffic off of 64th Street is very important to avoid collisions and impatient drivers.
  • Speed limit is 7 MPH on school grounds. I know it feels very slow, but there are children and adults walking through the lot too, so please drive slow!
  • Be ready to stop. Please watch the people in vests and be ready to stop when directed to.
  • Watch for children and pedestrians.
  • Don’t come in “hot” from 64th Street.
  • Stay in the striped lanes for Middle School pickup or parking. I’ve noticed cars come in from 64th Street in the parking lane and switch over to the pickup lane. Staying in one lane or the other will be very helpful.
  • Morning LS dropoff “Cone Zone”. Once your vehicle is in the cone zone please have your child exit the car (rather than wait until you are closer to the main entrance).
  • Morning MS dropoff.  Please be careful when pulling out to exit the school. Make sure the lane is clear of cars coming from behind before pulling away from the curb.
  • Refrain from cell phone usage while driving.
  • Absolutely no texting while driving on school grounds!
Thank you. We’ve come a long way over the past three years, and with everyone’s help, we will keep Sycamore School a safe traffic zone.
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