"Sycamore Serves" Committee Provides Community Assistance

Sycamore Serves is a new SSA committee whose purpose is to help provide opportunities for our school community to offer their time and talents to help serve and make a difference in the community outside of Sycamore School. A visible, tangible, and easy-to-access way to get involved with Sycamore Serves is through the new whiteboard which has been installed in the Middle School hallway just outside the Bhatia Technology Lab. You are invited to answer the question, "How have you served?"

Have you volunteered in the Indianapolis community to make a positive impact with an issue you care about? How about the larger national or international community? Have you helped people? Animals? The environment? Please take a moment to share! We hope that students and adults in our community will make a habit of checking out the Sycamore Serves whiteboard and will jot down an idea or share an experience, inspiring others to do the same and perhaps inspiring a conversation or a new interest in serving to assist in our community.  The Sycamore Serves Committee is open to all. Please stay tuned for upcoming meeting dates.
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