Best Young Adult Book Lists

Katie Barker / Head of Middle School
Happy February! The first few days of February mark the midpoint of winter. Typically it is on or around February 2nd, otherwise known as Groundhog’s Day. This year it is February 3. There are times that winter can feel endless, especially when the cloud cover has descended for multiple days on end, it feels like we should be hibernating when we get up in the morning, it gets dark around 5:30, we just can’t wait for spring...the list of reasons to wish winter away can be long! But, one of the good things about winter for me is that I have lots of time to read. It is my most favorite thing to do in my free time! I look forward to the “best of” lists that come out at the end of each calendar year to add to my collection of books that I put on hold at the library. There are many good lists to reference, from NPR’s Books We Love list to the Goodreads Choice Awards list. I read many different types of genres throughout the year and I enjoy lists that have categories to reference. One of my favorite genres, though, that I go back to time and time again is Young Adult books. They are typically a quick read, but have a great story, interesting characters, and are well written.

One interesting list that I stumbled upon was Time Magazine’s 100 Best Young Adult Books of All Time. It includes books that I have and haven’t read, and many Young Adult authors that I really enjoy. I would encourage you to check out this Time list for you and/or your child! Since I have not read all of these books, please make sure that you check out CommonSense or another site that will give age recommendations and book themes to make sure the content matches what you feel is appropriate for your child.

In the Food for Thought section of this Newsletter, along with the link to Time Magazine’s 100 Best Young Adult Books of All Time list, is a short background on the rise in popularity of the Young Adult genre. I hope
perusing the book list and the nuggets of information about this genre will inspire you to read a Young Adult book in the coming months, possibly read the same book as your tween/teen, and/or have an enjoyable conversation with your child about this genre.
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