Sycamore Announces Fall Reopening Plan

The Sycamore School Reopening Sycamore Task Force has announced a plan for a safe and successful reopening of school on August 13, on our regular calendar and schedule. The members of the task force have considered every perspective as they have worked diligently to research best practices and developed resources through which to obtain expert advice. 

The plan represents our best judgement, based on the advice of national, state, and local health experts. Our goal is to offer our students an exemplary experience for gifted learners while ensuring the health and safety of all of our community members. We also realize our contribution to the broader community in terms of health and safety. Although this plan is thorough, it is not fixed and unalterable. We know the environment is constantly changing, and we could need to change our responses along the way. All of our efforts are aimed at risk mitigation. We know we cannot eliminate all risks.  
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