Sycamore Serves Continues to Grow in First Year

Lisa Boncosky
Sometimes all it takes is one great idea to transform an entire community. The dedicated volunteers at Sycamore Serves, however, have plenty.
Sycamore Serves is an outreach-minded committee founded by Sycamore School—a private day school in Indianapolis—that seeks to support and enhance community service efforts and provide students and parents with additional opportunities outside of school to come together in a meaningful way.
“Parents volunteer a lot at Sycamore with class field trips, parties, and fundraising events, but these are often during the day and are challenging for working parents,” says Cory Martinson, Chairperson of Sycamore Serves. “Having opportunities to come together on weekends and evenings and volunteer with your child and their peers provides a different experience, helps build our Sycamore community, and supports our local community.”
This winter, their mission is to renovate a new learning space in the Wheeler-Dowe Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis. This location serves 50 to 80 school-aged kids every day, with capacity for up to 230. Sycamore Serves is partnering with the Boys & Girls Club as they endeavor to increase enrollment and revitalize space by creating a Legacy Tile Wall, building new bookshelves, refurbishing their library books, and providing affordable education materials.
The Legacy Tile Wall was generously donated by Art to Remember and will serve to spotlight a variety of student artwork. Several Sycamore students volunteered their time and talent to help younger kids at the Boys & Girls Club brainstorm ideas for their tiles, encouraging them to create designs depicting nature, growth, and positivity.
In addition to the Legacy Wall, Sycamore students have also been working hard on sorting and organizing older books at the Boys & Girls Club. Their intention to update and replenish the organization’s collection with new materials gathered through a school-wide book drive.
This revamped archive will be exhibited in the new learning space on a wall of handmade bookshelves, generously crafted and donated by Don Horstman, a friend of Sycamore Serves. Many of the Sycamore student volunteers met up with Don at his workshop last weekend to help measure, cut, and sand wood for the shelves.
“Great progress [was] made on Saturday thanks to Rockstar Syca-Dads Marcus Hendry and Rob Martinson who cut all the wood for the bookshelves,” reflects Sycamore Serves Co-Chair Lisa Boncosky. “Grace Hendry, Morgan Stickney, Maggie Boncosky, and Sam Boncosky were critical contributors in the sanding, measuring, and marking departments.”
All of their hard work will pay off on Monday, February 11 when they will host an opening ceremony. The Sycamore Band is scheduled to play, special gifts and wish list items will be presented to the Boys & Girls Club, and the new learning space will be officially open!
To learn more about Sycamore Serves and how you can get involved, contact Cory Martinson at For more information about Art to Remember, visit and to learn more about the Wheeler-Dowe Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis, visit
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