Sycamore Musicians Garner Gold, Silver and Bronze at ISSMA

The District Indiana State School Music Association Instrumental Solo and Ensemble Contest was held on Saturday, February 2 at Ben Davis 9th grade Center. Sycamore School has 104 band students who participated in the event. The student musicians performed music for a judge, who critiqued the student’s performance. The score was then tallied and each student or group earned a rating (gold, silver, bronze, participation). In addition, students participate in the event in one of five levels, with Group I being the most difficult, and Group V being for first-time participants. Students who earned a gold rating in Group I are eligible for the State Solo and Ensemble Contest that will be held on February 23rd at North Central High School. This is typically an honor that is reserved for high school upperclassmen, but 5 Sycamore School students were selected for this honor. Congratulations to all participants on outstanding performances.

Sycamore School students and their event and division ratings are:
Solos- Gold Ratings (48)
Group I (qualifying for state):
Bridget Bodey-Flute Solo
Laurel Granlund-Bassoon Solo
Alissa Weigand-Bassoon Solo
Vincent Mann-Euphonium Solo
Wesley Wong-Violin Solo

Group II:
Sam Irizarry-Piccolo Solo
Katie Hur-Flute Solo
Sam Irizarry-Flute Solo
Erik Haggstrom-Alto Sax Solo
Marie Coutant-Trumpet Solo
TJ Cole-Trombone Solo
Jonathan Yang-Violin Solo

Group III:
Nate Liang-Flute Solo
Dani Wei-Oboe Solo
Sophie Farnum-Oboe Solo
Kiran Barr-Bassoon Solo
Mikey Cardwell-Alto Sax Solo
Georgia Bott-Alto Sax Solo
Daniel Peyton-Tenor Sax Solo
Alex Lipkovich-Tenor Sax Solo
Maggie Boncosky-French Horn Solo
Rohan Shah-Trumpet Solo
Avi Maun-Trombone Solo
Ava Cabellon-Violin Solo

Group IV:
Alex Lipkovich-Flute Solo
Owen Zhang-Clarinet Solo
Eli Berger-French Horn Solo
Neela Gussick-French Horn Solo
Anna Hargrove-Trumpet Solo

Group V:
Riti Tandra-Flute Solo
Annabel Swearingen-Flute Solo
Sophie Liang-Flute Solo
Katie Kaplan-Flute Solo
Kaia Starnino-Flute Solo
Evelyn Murray-Oboe Solo
Lily Grace Martinson-Clarinet Solo
Arnay Garhyan-Alto Sax Solo
Julius Payner-Alto Sax Solo
Garrett Hur-Trumpet Solo
Mukund Sagi-Trumpet Solo
Hannah Sniderman-French Horn Solo
Sarah Hinchman-French Horn Solo
Audrey Alberts-French Horn Solo
Julia Watson-French Horn Solo
Kelsey Rehmel-Euphonium Solo
Brandon Clague-Euphonium Solo
Justin Puno-Snare Drum Solo
Justin Puno-Mallet Solo

Solos- Silver Ratings (2)
Group II:
Constantine Stefanidis-Alto Sax Solo
Walker Gollapudi-Snare Drum Solo

Ensembles- Gold Ratings (26)
Group II:
Aditi Dey, Sara Fulk, Lauren Janeira-Flute
Alyssa Effland, Dan Mukhin, Constantine
Stefanidis-Saxophone Trio
Georgia Bott, Ava Cabellon, Kate Fryburg,
Bridget Bodey, Jordan Pecar-Woodwind
Ava Cabellon, Charlotte Thompson, Alissa
Weigand, Grace Hendry, Katie
Hur-Woodwind Quintet
Karl Wang, Benjamin Pollack-Milgate,
Vincent Mann-Brass Trio

Group III:
Daniel Peyton, Mikey Cardwell, Alex
Lipkovich-Saxophone Tri
Drew Whelan, Erik Haggstrom, Sam
Mulvey-Saxophone Trio
Elyse Barth, Heidi Momodu, Phifer
Whorley-Woodwind Trio
Sam Irizarry, Phil Jervis, Kiran
Barr-Woodwind Trio
Nour Ghoneim, Nate Liang, Ainsley Bale,
Ellie Wang-Woodwind Quartet
Laurel Granlund, Aditi Dey, Cooper Grabow,
Dani Wei-Woodwind Quartet
Marie Coutant, Eli Berger, Jack Foltz-Brass
Owen Williams, Hudson Pangan, Tanay
Acharya, Nik Mukin-Brass Quartet
TJ Cole, Valerie Kossmann, Zachary
Lammer, Sam Rudavsky, Vincent
Mann-Brass Quintet
Walker Gollapudi, Chloe Kaplan, Nigel
Cronin, Kelly Fulk, Sam
Boncosky-Percussion Ensemble

Group IV:
Sophie Farnum, Triston English, Lukas
Fiur-Woodwind Trio
Zoë Carpenter, Elizabeth Schuth, Neela
Gussick-French Horn Trio

Group V:
Lily Grace Martinson, Arnay Garhyan, Julius
Payner-Woodwind Trio
Katie Kaplan, Kaia Starnino, Shivani Desai,
Julia Watson, Owen Zhang-Woodwind
Riti Tandra, Kavya Devarapalli, Lily Grace
Martinson, Addie Moeller, Hasini
Ambaty-Woodwind Quintet
Sophie Liang, Alex Cheng, Owen Zhang,
Hannah Sniderman, Evelyn
Murray-Woodwind Quintet
Hannah Sniderman, Ford Lee, Jonah
Smith-Brass Trio
Evelyn Cunningham, Garrett Hur, Kelsey
Rehmel, Kaitlyn Park-Brass Quartet
Ben Wei, Deke Kandel, Hunter Doke,
Brandon Clague, Rishi Nagireddy-Brass
Justin Puno, Liam Hendry, Lillian
Tabor-Mallet Ensemble
Liam Hendry, Justin Puno, Cate
Freudenberg, Lillian Tabor-Percussion

Ensembles– Silver Ratings (3)
Group I:
Jordan Pecar, Bridget Bodey, Kate Fryburg,
Katie Hur-Woodwind Quartet

Group III:
Solomon Arterburn, Meira Mervis, Cooper
Grabow, Laurel Granlund-Woodwind
Avi Maun, Colin Cabellon, Aarish Sakib,
Rohan Shah-Brass Quartet

Solos-Bronze Ratings (1)
Group II:
Walker Gollapudi-Mallet Solo

Ensembles-Bronze Ratings (1)
Group I:
Morgan Stickney, Alyssa Effland, Isabel
Hargrove, Alissa Weigand-Woodwind
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