What Is It About Sycamore School?

Diane Borgmann - Head of School
Diane Borgmann
We have known for a long time—and it is still true—that Sycamore’s best marketing tool is word of mouth. All of our current parents, faculty, and staff have opportunities to spread the word about Sycamore. But how do you do that? I have listed below salient points about Sycamore that I think define our school and set us apart from other schools:
  • Our mission has remained strong and steady throughout the history of Sycamore. “Sycamore School exists so that academically gifted children can experience the enriched, accelerated education they need to reach their potential and to lead responsible, constructive, fulfilling lives.” Our mission lives and drives everything we do.
  • Our faculty are trained in gifted education. They know what our kids need, and they know how to provide it. They are passionate about their work!
  • An important need of gifted kids is to be with an intellectual peer group. Sycamore provides that.
  • We share these 12 signs of giftedness to help parents think about their kids.
    • early language development
    • excellent memory
    • persistent curiosity
    • rapid learning
    • sense of humor
    • intensity
    • long attention span
    • sensitivity
    • keen skills of observation
    • preference for older playmates
    • perfectionism
    • strong sense of morality and justice
  • Our administrators and faculty develop Sycamore’s curriculum in-house, especially for our population. It is continually reviewed and revised.
  • Our class sizes are small, and we employ instructional assistants to enhance our ability to meet the needs of all the children in a class.
  • We offer special area classes (Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, Technology) for all ages (Preschool—8th Grade).
  • Gifted kids are gifted from birth and need appropriate attention at a young age. Our youngest kids are 3 years old. Many schools start programming for their gifted students in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Grade.
  • Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have a terrific facility! We will always be able to improve our physical space; however, our current building supports our program well.
  • Differentiated Instruction is our foundational instructional philosophy. Using that philosophy, we strive to employ strategies and methodologies to offer each student the appropriate level of challenge and support.
  • Sycamore is a wonderful community! Special relationships are formed here among students, faculty and staff, and parents.
  • Our kids are extraordinary, and they have extraordinary needs that are hard to satisfy in a “regular” classroom. We even have students who are twice-exceptional, meaning they are gifted but also have another exceptionality. We understand  these special needs and address them.
  • Sycamore is a happy school. We are excited about learning, and we love to have fun! I love to see the sparks flying every day!
  • We have an incredible amount of diversity. We have students of many cultural and ethnic backgrounds, faith traditions, socio-economic levels, and home environments. That just enriches our overall community.
  • We offer a robust interscholastic athletic program for our middle school students, and a high percentage participate in at least one sport.
  • We teach our core values of RESPECT (self, others, property, time), EMPATHY, MORAL COURAGE, and RELATIONSHIPS to all of our kids in an integrated way throughout our program. The kids internalize these values and exhibit them every day. 
If someone asks you about Sycamore and how it differs from other schools, you may want to cite some of the points above. I’m sure you also have your own ideas and stories to share. Above all, always invite an interested family to visit. We love to share Sycamore, and I know you do as well!
Onward and upward!!
Indiana’s Only Accredited, Private, Independent Preschool - 8th Grade School for Gifted Students