Dear Sycamore Parents,
 I want to let you know about how we function when the weather is questionable.
First of all, I make the decision about Sycamore being open or closed; we do not follow the decisions of surrounding public school systems. They have considerations we don't have, namely bus transportation and wait times at bus stops. If we can open, we open. I personally check out conditions and make the best decision I can. I do know, however, because our families come from many different areas, weather and road conditions might vary greatly.
If conditions seem unsafe, I will close school and make the announcement by 6:00 a.m. We will post it on our website, send automated phone and text messages, and post in on WTHR, WISH 8, WXIN, and RTV6. If conditions allow us to open, please assess conditions in your own area. I do not want any family to take an unnecessary risk in order to get to school. If you deem conditions in your area to be unsafe, please stay home or come to school late; your child will not be penalized.
We do not operate on a delay for the entire school; we either open or close. Delaying opening causes lots of problems for families. We have enough staff that, even if some faculty are late, we can provide coverage.
In general, use your own good judgment, and proceed accordingly. We want to be as safe as possible and close school as rarely as possible.
Onward and upward!
Best regards,




If Sycamore School is to be closed due to extreme weather conditions, announcements to parents will be sent to home and cell phones via the school’s automated alert system. Announcements will also be made on local TV and radio stations and their websites. Closings will also be posted on the Sycamore School social media (Facebook and Twitter) feeds as well as on this page.
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