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  • Best Young Adult Book Lists

    I look forward to the “best of” lists that come out at the end of each calendar year to add to my collection of books that I put on hold at the library. There are many good lists to reference, from NPR’s Books We Love list to the Goodreads Choice Awards list. I read many different types of genres throughout the year and I enjoy lists that have categories to reference. One of my favorite genres, though, that I go back to time and time again is Young Adult books.
  • Moving in the Write Direction: Sycamore Language Arts Blog

    After surveying alumni who are sophomores and juniors in high school, Sycamore teacher Emilie Molter caught up with three Sycamore alumni.  From talking with these students, it was clear that our students are well prepared for the writing they do in high school, and there are still areas we can enhance to prepare them even more.
  • SCIENCE AT SYCAMORE: The Path from Preschool through 8th Grade

    From the youngest scientists in Early Childhood to the veteran Middle School students, they get to build a hands-on resume that they will eventually carry with them to high school and, in many cases, beyond. It comes from the classroom, the academic teams, after-school activities, and the passion from teachers.
  • Nitty Gritty Details About 2e and Six Steps to Identifying

    You may have heard the term, but not many know what it means. 2e stands for twice exceptional. The first exceptionality is the gifted part, but the second one you may not expect.
  • What Is It About Sycamore School?

    We have known for a long time—and it is still true—that Sycamore’s best marketing tool is word of mouth. All of our current parents, faculty, and staff have opportunities to spread the word about Sycamore. But how do you do that? I have listed below salient points about Sycamore that I think define our school and set us apart from other schools...
  • How Can I Tell If My Child is Gifted?

    Parents are among the best identifiers of gifted children.  You clearly know your child better than anyone, and your input should be welcomed and valued by any school you are considering for your child. Typically, parents of gifted kids will notice characteristics of giftedness in their child at an early age.  At Sycamore, we call these the “Twelve Signs” of a gifted child. 


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