List of 12 news stories.

  • Sycamore Grads named Indiana Rising Stars

    Seven Sycamore School alumni have been chosen for the Class of 2023 Rising Stars by the Indiana Association of School Principals.
  • Sycamore Grads Lead University HS to Academic Tourney Title

    With an outstanding 8-0 record on the day, the University High School Academic Team was crowned champions of the Brownsburg Dogfight Tournament.
  • Sycamore Writers Win Awards

    Three Sycamore middle school students have achieved honors in the 2021 Booth Tarkington Prize for Young Writers through Butler University.
  • Sycamore Grads Hackwelder, Liang, Earn IAG Distinguished Student Award

    The Indiana Association for the Gifted held its annual meeting in Indianapolis in early December, and  recognized two Sycamore students, Emily Hackwelder and Nate Liang, who have demonstrated distinguished achievement in academics, leadership, or the arts as winners of the Distinguished Students Award. These awards are designed to inspire students to achieve, as well as highlight the distinct accomplishments and educational needs of gifted students.  Each recipient is awarded $250 in addition to a plaque.  Since IAG did not hold a conference in 2020, this year IAG named two Distinguished Students this year.
  • Spell Bowlers Earn State Titles

    Sycamore School’s 6th/7th/8th Spell Bowl Team had an amazingly impressive day at Purdue University, winning the the 37th Annual Indiana Academic Spell Bowl State Finals.They had both the highest score overall of any team in any division, and only missed two words. Congratulations to Gavin Sigua, Akhil Jois, Ava Deng, Tess Eggeson, Mukund Sagi, Kaia Starnino, Sophie Liang, Riti Tandra, Hasini Ambaty, Aditya Bhatia, Alex Bramhill, Raza Hassan, and Coach Cummins.
    4th/5th Grade Team: Sycamore also won the 29th Annual Indiana Academic Spell Bowl Area Contest championship Monday. To prepare for the competition, students learned to spell 750 words. During the competition, Sycamore spellers correctly spelled 55 of 56 given words. The team includes Dyer Thompson, Izzy Abraham, Sahana Pesek, Mikhaela Starnino, Caroline Cheng, Savannah Reymer, Zoe Singh, and Yohaan Cheryan. There is also an impressive group of alternates that includes: Violet Pangan, Addie Liu, Charlotte Pryor, Trey Overstreet, Prudy Peng, Lucy Ko, Lianna Cohen-Gadol, Steven Mason, and Kushi Chandra. 
  • Cousins Continue Rivalry

    At the September 3rd soccer match against The Oaks, two cousins faced off against each other. Sycamore's Simon Williams and Daniel Michael of The Oaks continued a "family rivalry" of Sycamore against Oaks soccer that began back in 2015 when Simon's older brother, Owen Williams, faced two older cousins at The Oaks.
  • Students Compete in National Academic Bee Competitions

    Sycamore earned five top 10 finishes at the 2021 National Bee Championships held September 3-6.  Middle school division tournaments (6th, 7th and 8th Grades) were held in Arlington, Virginia while the elementary division (5th Grade and below) was held online.  Six Sycamore students participated in the different individual competitions after qualifying in the Regional Finals held in May 2021.
  • Sycamore Spanish Students Earn Honors

    Sycamore School had 33 Middle School students participate in the 2021 National Spanish Exam (NSE), administered by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). Of the 33 Sycamore MS participants, a whopping 27 placed nationally in the 50th percentile of participants or higher. Seventeen 8th graders and 16 7th graders - after six months of preparation - completed a two-part, 80-minute online exam gauged to assess their Proficiency (Reading and Interpreting) and Achievement (Vocabulary and Grammar). 
  • Five Sycamore Students Qualify for State MATHCOUNTS Competition

    Justin Puno led Sycamore with a 4th place finish at the Chapter MATHCOUNTS Invitational, earning one of the five guaranteed spots in the State MATHCOUNTS competition. Kaitlyn Park, David Jiang, Daniel Liu, and Sophie Liang each secured 1 of the 10 wildcard spots from across the state. 
  • Science: 8th Grade Physics and the study of fluid forces

    Sycamore 8th graders in Mr. Schuth's 8th grade science class are studying Physics, and the effects of "fluid forces" (air, liquid, etc...). Students started this experiment with an egg in a plastic bag, placed in a disposable cup. They had to create a device that, when dropped for a height of approximately 20 feet, would allow the cup to hit the ground first, while the device would auto-rotate, much like an unpowered helicopter.

    Students earned top tier finishes if the egg survived the fall without a crack, and the the device met construction parameters. Ties were broken by measuring the mass of the vessels, with the heaviest winning the tie-breaker.
  • Grandparents Donate Books to Sycamore LIbrary

    We've had numerous Grandparents join the Grandparents’ Club this year--very exciting! As part of the club, Grandparents get to donate a book to the Sycamore School Library in honor of their student(s). Here is a list of all the Grandparents who have joined the club this year. If you're still interested in joining the Grandparents’ Club for this year, it's not too late. Please contact Carley Schutz at
  • Sycamore Returns to In-Person Learning January 5

    With a change to Marion County Public Health Order #35, which had moved Sycamore to distance learning and was set to expire on January 15, all 1st-12th grade students in Marion County are allowed to return to in-person instruction as of January 4.  For Sycamore, that means we  return to school in person on Tuesday, January 5, our originally scheduled date to resume after Winter Break. Along with this change, the following conditions are specified:
    • Students and staff can be socially distanced. (At Sycamore, we are able to cohort and socially distance all our kids, as we have been doing all along.)
    • Staff and students in 3rd grade and above wear masks. (We will continue our protocol of masks for everyone.)
    Sycamore has been smoothly operating under our Distance Learning Plan, and we our thrilled to get back in school with all of our kids.  We know parents and students have been making sacrifices and supporting us during this time. We deeply appreciate our families part in our success; we truly are all in this together.
    Sycamore will continue to assiduously adhere to the measures we have implemented with much success so far: mask wearing, social distancing, handwashing, and staying home when sick. We do not intend to relax our policies.
    While the CDC has shortened some quarantine guidelines to 10 or 7 days under certain conditions, the Indiana Department of Health prefers and is still recommending a 14-day quarantine, if possible. Absent some kind of extenuating circumstance, we will continue to require a 14-day quarantine period where recommended. We will be in close consultation with the IDOH on these matters.
    We also undertook  a minor construction project here at school while the kids are away, removing a small room between two current 6th grade classrooms. That space was not being used instructionally, and removing it allows us to make both rooms larger and, therefore, be able to socially distance more kids.