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      1st Graders on Dress-Up Day

The Sycamore Fund is the school’s highest fundraising priority. As with all independent schools, Sycamore relies on our community to give annually to help us fund projects and programs that make us the unique school we are. Your tax-deductible donation goes to work immediately, benefiting students in this school year. Your gift affects their daily experience and is a direct investment in:
  • Professional development for our talented and dedicated faculty
  • The latest advances in technology
  • A vibrant art and music program
  • An encouraging and competitive athletics program
Each year, your support of the Sycamore Fund bridges the gap between tuition and what it actually costs to educate a Sycamore student. The gap represents the difference between excellent education and a truly exemplary one in which innovative ideas and state-of-the-art resources for teaching and learning are not compromised by budget constraints. We ask every member of our community to participate with a meaningful gift as every student benefits from the programs Sycamore offers.
Every gift makes a difference!
Sycamore Fund gifts make an immediate impact benefitting all students throughout the year.
How much should we give to the Sycamore Fund
We encourage you to make a meaningful gift commensurate with your family’s personal circumstances. Every gift makes an immediate impact, is deeply valued and goes towards the exceptional educational experience that Sycamore provides. All staff, alumni, and families are asked to make a gift to the Sycamore Fund.
Our goal is 100% parent participation each year.
Giving Levels
Sycamore Circle: $10,000 or more
Visionary: $5,000 to $9,999
Head of School Circle*: $2,500 to $4,999
Leader: $1,000 to $2,499
Supporter: $500 to $999
Friend: $1 to $499
*Donors at the Head of School Circle and above are invited to attend a reception with the Head of School and Board of Trustees each spring to acknowledge their generosity.
Sycamore Fund gifts are recognized in the Sycamore magazine each year according to giving level.
What about corporate matching gifts?
Some employers will match your gift. Simply submit a matching gift form, often available on your company’s website or from the Human Resources Department along with your gift or pledge. Our Advancement Office will handle the processing. Your company’s name will be listed in our Annual Report and you will be recognized for the value of your gift, including the matching amount.
Gifts of Securities/Stock
Gifts of appreciated securities offer you two-fold tax savings. First, you do not pay capital gains tax on the increased value of the securities. Second, you are entitled to a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the securities on the date the gift was given. Directions on how to give a gift of appreciated securities are available from Holly Lee, Director of Advancement, at 317-202-2504 or lee.holly@sycamoreschool.org.
Sycamore Society
The Sycamore Society recognizes and honors individuals who provide support for Sycamore in their wills, trusts, life insurance designations, and other planned gifts. Your investment funds the Financial Aid Endowment, which attracts and retains gifted students at Sycamore, despite their family’s ability to pay. As you choose where to invest your estate funds, we hope you will consider a gift to Sycamore School.
Tribute Gifts
  • Gifts In Honor: A wonderful way to honor a loved one or cherished teacher is with a gift to the Sycamore Fund. We will send an acknowledgment to the honoree as well as provide you with a receipt for your tax-deductible contribution.
  • Gifts in Memory: Gifts in memory are a thoughtful way to pay tribute to someone. We will notify the family of your gift and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt.


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Capital Campaign Exceeds Goal with Final Total of Nearly $7 Million
At the conclusion of a three-year capital campaign, Sycamore School raised nearly $5 million (in addition to the $2 million that the school contributed) through the generosity of:
671 generous donors
7 current students
84 alumni
100% of the faculty and staff
100% of the Board of Trustees
22 Corporations and Foundations
216 current families
Final Totals:
$2 million was invested by Sycamore
$4,851,950 given
What we added/built:
The Hagerman Family Commons
The Bhatia Family Technology Lab
The Guenthner Family Lobby
The Scott A. Jones Family Board Room
The Innovation Lab
Quest Room
Three new bathrooms and two remodeled bathrooms
Three small group spaces
Redesigned office space
A $1 million dollar endowment
Legacy: $500,000+
Bob Fischer
Visionary: $250,000+
Scott A. Jones Foundation
Sandy and Cindy Lange
Michael and Julie Mervis
Sycamore Circle: $100,000+
Sumeet and Sumeeta Bhatia
Bob and Helen Brody
Scott and Shannon Guenthner
Tom and Linda Kaplan
Josh and Lynn Mervis
The National Bank of Indianapolis
Herbert Simon Family Foundation
Mike and Patty Rosiello
Philanthropist: $75,000+
Dan and Jeanette Robertson
Andy and Melissa Smith
Changemaker: $50,000+
Jeff Hagerman
The Hagerman Group
Ben Pecar and Leslie Thompson
Dick and Jamie Schulte
Tom and Emily Wilson
Leader: $25,000+
Don and Carla Bennett
Bill and Lisa Boncosky
Bob and Diane Borgmann
Martin Bott and Angelia Barnes
Mary C. Brown
Dan and Julie Ciaccia
Toby and Jennifer Cole
Dan and Laura Conder
Paul Helft and Melissa Cavaghan
Sunil Gollapudi and Sylvia Ertel
Jeff and Sharon Hearn
Saad and Sarah Khairi
Bill and Becky Klenk
Harold and Jessica Lee
Clem and Kellie McDonald
Bob and Sheila Moorthy
Greg Merrell and Melissa Kacena
Troy Payner and Cara Peggs
Jack and Alyssa Wei
Scott and Sharon Weigand
Benefactor: $15,000+
Shan Cheng and Alison Klenk
Bruce and Francine Clayton
Ben and Kate Copeland
Dave and Ann Frick
Chris and Wendy Harlow
Shyam Kishan and Sharmila Roy-Chowdhury
Joe and Susan Loftus
Mike and Glenna Lykens
Rob and Cory Martinson
Dipen and Sumi Maun
Terrence and Monique McWilliams
Pete and Betsy Morse
Mihir and Chandu Patel
Gary Thompson and Leigh Harris
Curt Warren and Sara Naderi
Partner: $10,000+
Manish Chheda and Seema Dedhiya
Mark and Denise Cudworth
Michael Eaton and Dohee Kim
Alex and Trish Godfrey
John and Jen Hur
Charles and Nadine Kahi
Nyle Kardatzke
John and Susan Karpicke
Syed and Mariam Khan
Eric and Holly Lee
Chris and Seema Mernitz
Mike and Laura Murphy
Daniel and Christine Mytelka
Mark Salzinger and Ruth Belin
David and Julie Sheffield
Brian Tabor and Dawn Brooks
Jack and Laurie Tanselle
AJ and Tammy Wilkerson
Adeel Zaidi and Areeba Kara
Mentor: $5,000+
Nayan Acharya and Lily Pai-Acharya
Eleanor Bookwalter
Bryan and Ginny Burney
Michael and Traci Caldwell
Scott and Annette Childress
Standiford H. Cox
Colin and Kristy Fraizer
Marc and Lori Ann Gerdisch
Steve and Jane Hartsock
Marcus and Jennifer Hendry
Bill and Suzanne Jannetta
Patrick and Krenta Juday
Jamie MacDougall and Heather Givans
Justin and Julie Moeller
M.R. Metzger Family Foundation
Kannan and Lekshmi Natarajan
Roland Pangan and Catherine Hagerman Pangan
Patrick and Taeran Park
Woody and Beth Peyton
Howard and Deborah Pollack-Milgate
Jeff and Aileen Puno
Jeremy and Wendy Reymer
Matt and Tammi Scozzaro
Justin and Madeleine Smith
Fred and Helen Stehman
Bernie and Erin Wang
Aaron and Jean Wright
Supporter: $2,500+
Carlton Bale and Nicole Harter
Tracy and Kristen Chandler
Brian and Julie Cunningham
Larry and Carol Fletcher
Pawel and Lou Fludzinski
Karsten Fryburg and Christina Kim
Brad and Stephanie Grabow
Tim and Erica Harrison
Troy Hege and Claire Fiddian-Green
Rob and Christy Hall
Lisa Haynes
Ed Hellman and Laura Reuter
Tim and Cami Hovda
Michael and Whitney Hutchings
Greg and Megan Maurer
Lou and Kathleen Metzman
Matt and Christine Moore
Shekar and Divya Narayanan
Rabbi Bruce Pfeffer and Amy Beth Kressel
Irwin and Eileen Prince
Mike and Jess Rehmel
Franklin Sequeira and Deeya Brooks
Bill and Karen Shirrell
Dennis and Jane Smith
John and Marcy Taylor
Trent and Laura Tormoehlen
Timur Yurtseven
Contributor: $1,000+
Mark and Meg Alberts
Mike and Suzanne Baach
Jon and Sonal Bazeley
Tom and Jenny Berger
Ben Borgmann
Eugene and Mimi Ceppa
Kyle and Meredith Cleaver
Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol and Isabelle Saparzadeh
David and Carrie Coutant
Sean Deng and Sheila Duan
John and Nancy Farrar
Larry and Lynn France
Frenzel Family Charitable Lead Trust
Jim and Linda Gange
Parag and Sangeeta Garhyan
Deepak and Sangeeta Guttikonda
Scott and Kathy Hackwelder
Danny Hargrove and Jennifer Thompson
Chuck Henderson and Camille Nicodemus
Lori Henderson
Paul Henderson
Leslie Katz
Nathan Keith
Kathy Harris
Louis Janeira and Jane Crawford
Kraig Kinchen and Tina Harris
Lei Liu and Jianxiang Zhang
Randy and Cindy Loser
Joe Mahenthiran and Rathi Mahendran
Mickey and Janie Maurer
Brian and Cecelia McDonnell
Edward and Patricia McGruder
David and Amy McGuire
John and Susan McNett
Linda Mihm
Jim and Judith Mills
Dan and Molly Milton
Sanjay Mishra and Seema Verma
Situ and Alpa Mistry
George and Courtney Mohler
Bob and Denise Murphy
Scott and Denise Murray
Shankar Narayanan and Brinda Murty
Doug and Kristie Neumeister
Rob and Amy Nichols
Don and Carolyn Palmer
Ruth Pryor (Dunn)
Nick Rosiello
Gianvito Salerno and Christina Santangelo-Salerno
Tom and Julia Schroeder
Kevin and Notch Sigua
Joe and Karen Smith
Ally and Najwa Somani
Neal Steinbart and Kay Pashos
Mark and Elizabeth Stetzer
Dawn Brooks and Brian Tabor
Gary and Kim Warren
Taylor Whitaker
Wintermeyer Family
Wade and Michelle Wrightson
Liang Zeng Yan and Wendy Yang
Friend: Up to $999
Jim Allen
John and Fran Amer
Timothy and Mary Anderson
Birol and Sebahat Aydin
Matthew and Christie Baines
Gan and Raji Bala
Robert and Christine Baldwin
Dave and Sharon Baldwin
Brian and Vanessa Barth
Kal Bassyouny and Nora Eldin
Terry Baumer and Pat Gabig
Kelli Beil
Steve and Pam Benz
Bob and Mila Bishop
William Blaisdell
Kurt and Janet Blank
Sam and Shannon Bloomquist
Christina Bodurow
Bill and Joyce Boncosky
Beverly Branson
Clay and Catherine Bravard
Michael and Kathy Breen
Terry Breen
Alex Brethauer
Laura Briggs
Jim and Anna Briscoe
Doug Brooks and Mary Lee Gambone
Nathan and Nicole Brown
Tom and Kathy Brubaker
Garrett Brustein and Lindsay Hearn Brustein
Patricia Burchell
Ann Burgess
Eileen Burtzlaff
Patrick Byrne and Jessica DeCook
Mike and Marianne Cardwell
Paul and Judy Carlson
Forrest and Cory Carpenter
Susan Cecil
Joe and Marty Chandler
Linda Chartrau
Frank and Jean Cheng
Peter and Doris Cheng
John and Mary Ann Childress
Tom and Sheryl Ciulla
Danny and Bridget Clark
Dean Clodfelter and Monica Huffman
Michael and Kathleen Conway
John and Maria Cote’
John and Betsy Coutant
Kevin and Lisa Crawford
Phyllis Crawford
Jay and Judith Cudworth
Patrick and Jane Cunningham
Rob and Susan Dean
Mary Kay Dent
Russ and Karen Desserich
Deann Devenney
Debashish and Soma Dey
Mary Doherty
David Dunn
Dianne DuPre
Lawrence and Marlene Eastman
Ted and Anneliese Ebersole
Ed and Jane Edson
Matt Effland
Neal F. Eggeson and Molly Martin
Wayne and Wendy Elkin
Ed and Kathy Elliott
John and Joyce Ertel
Shamshudin Esmail
Veronica Evans
Bob and Joan Everitt
Dave Farnum and Shelley Etnier
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fayer
Jim and Cindy Freudenberg
Keith and Carolann Fulk
Ms. Fulton
Ms. Gabbert
Nitesh Gadeela and Niha Samala
Pete and Christine Gall
Farida and Arturo Gallanosa
Steve and Lynda Gehlhausen
Mark and Cindy George
Girl Scout Troop 896
Barry and Jan Glazer
Jeff and Vicky Gossett
Robert and Diane Grabhorn
Robert and Ellen Grant
Tom and Jo Dee Grau
Austin and Chris Greene
Joseph and Greta Grider
Gerry and Susan Griffin
Jill Grossman
Gunar and Elly Grubaums
Yi Gu and Min Xiao
Jack and Ernestine Guenthner
Monica Guthrie
Bill and Kathie Hackwelder
Liz Hagerman
David and Barbara Hagerman
John and Janis Haggstrom
Lola Hahn
William Hall
Erik and Kim Hansen
Carl and Carol Hansen
Gary and Kathleen Hart
Greg and Marilyn Harter
Norm and Rinda Harvey
Tucker and Mary Hawkins
Joe and Ellen Hawkins
Lee and Marianna Hege
Roberta Henderson
Alan and Maxine Henderson
Raymond and Natalie Henson
Kevin Heraly and Morgan Howard
Tim and Susie Howard
Jim and Eva Hermacinski
Simon and Kim Hillier
Michael Hillsman
Craig and Lynea Hinchman
Gregg Hinchman
Larry and Julie Hobbs
Gene and Kathy Hollander
Michelle Hong
Y.S. and Clara Hong
Jerry and Sherrie House
Al and Janet Hribar
Betty Huck
John and Maeleen Hurley
Tom and Joyce Hurley
Michael and Barbara Hutchings
Steve and Sheila Hyatt
Mircea and Simona Ivan
Roberta Jaggers
John and Emily Jervis
George and Barbara Jones
Tom and Madonna Jones
Rex and Carol Joseph
Rajani Joshi
Pranathi Jothirajah
David and Annette Kandel
Joe and Joy Kaplan
David Kendall
Paul and Regina Ketterer
Sakib Khalid and Kiran Naqvi
Chin Lee and Natasha Kim
Ernest and Barbara Kinchen
Jeff and Cheryl Kingsbury
Dan and Katrina Kirkendall
Mike and Abby Klemsz
Arthur Ko and Son Byeon
Jack and Betty Krebs
Victoria Kreyden
John Krull and Jenny Labalme
Chet Kubit
Michael Kulpa and Susan Deidrich
Ron and Pat Laciak
Sheriee Ladd
Peter and Margaret Larsen
Joelle Larsen
Mary Lavagnino
Bob and Lynn Laystrom
Jerry and Tina Lehr
Roger and Joanne Lenke
Gerald and Mabel Leonard
Suthat Liangpunsakul and Attaya Suvannasankha
Ilya and Olga Lipkovich
Dwight and Lisa Lueck
Raja Mahidhara and Geetha Rao
Carol Mannon
Yale and Carol Martin
Sorin and Daniela Matei
Howard and Susie Maxwell
June McCarty-Clair
Mike and Helen McCune
Clem and Barbara McDonald
James and Elena McGrath
Brent and Cathy McIntosh
Kevin McKelvey and Lakshmi Hansanadka
Mac and Cappy McMurtray
Caroline Meador
Dustin Mergott and Julia Clay
RB and Judy Mernitz
Ed and Lorie Mihelich
Mary Mihm
Mirowski Family Foundation
Sherwin and Mary Mizell
Arvind and Asha Modak
Javad Momayez and Ling Xuei
Bill and Ann Moreau
Travis and April Morgan
Kathryn Morse
Pete and Penny Morse
Bryce Mosey and Thom Keith
Patrick Murray and Suzette Solomon
Charley Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Neal
Larry Neuman and Julie Sommers Neuman
Hani Nimr and Jo Ellen Thomas
John Ottensmann and Jan Neuenschwander
James and Carolyn Noland
Joanna Oberthur
Roger and Robin Outcalt
Jared and Samantha Outcalt
Ronnie and Shirley Owen
Carol Paik
Pamela Pangan-Varble
Joseph and Sue Papp
Tom and Kim Papp
Jim and Lynda Parziale
Rich and Terri Pascarelli
Avi and Neelu Patil
Jeff and Debra Peek
Jerry and Helen Pesavento
Chris and Lara Pesavento
Sylvia Pfeffer
Neil and Deborah Pickett
Ryan and Diane Piper
Yasemin Pirkle
Tom and Teri Podgorski
Ted and Sara Pollack
Ronald and Frances Porter
Steve and Hazelle Prater
Philip and Courtney Pryor
Pedda Pullaiah and Suseela Sannuti
Valerie Purvin
Randy and Kimberly Rapchak
Krishan Recinto
Mr. and Mrs. Richardson
Phil and Dianne Ridings
Larry and Amanda Risk
Mark and Becky Ristow
Jerry and Sarah Roland
Ms. Susan Rudavsky
Stephanie Sabatier
Sashi Sagi and Santi Gottumukkala
Jeff and Betsy Sajdak
Robert C. Sanborn
Bob and Elaine Sandy
D’Anna Saul
Robert and Ruth Saunders
Mark and Kathy Schloer
Alan and Jennifer Schwartz
Peter Schwartz and Shari Rudavsky
Sanford and Dee Schwartz
Kristen Senetar
Jim and Sandra Senetar
Indira Seri
Mack and Satomi Shelton
Wei and Vickie Shen
Susan Shuber
Mr. and Mrs. Shultz
Don and Barbara Skibbe
Alex and Christine Smith
Patricia Smith
Mark and Jennifer Sniderman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sniderman
Jong Soon Song
John and Amanda St. Clair
Bob and Susie Stephens
Shirley Strach
Barry and Mary Sumner
Jim and Tracy Swearingen
Robert and Catherine Tabor
Bill and Janet Taylor
David and Stella Talkington
Pamela Thomas
Paul and Carlyn Thompson
Amy Y. Tian
Bill and Mary Tierney
Carol Toft
Joe and Robin Tormoehlen
Jon Toumey and Alison Jester
Glenn and Margy Tuckman
Gregory and Melinda Utken
Paul and Marjo Valliere
Mr. and Mrs. S. Rao Valluri
Eric and Tia Van Kirk
Adrian and Sally Van Osch
Eugene Mukhin and Maria Varchenko
Michal and Edyta Vieth
Praveen and Karen Vohra
Raj and Shireesha Vuppalanchi
Karen Wang
Bill and Susan Warren
Angela Watkins
Jeff and Kathy Watson
Ms. Patricia Weiss
Jessica Welch
Joe and JoAnne Whelan
Jeff Whorley
Elizabeth Wiese
Tom and Freddie Williams
Ruel and Cynthia Williamson
Michelle Woodall
John and Corinne Worzalla
Nathan and Heather Wyatt
Nelson Xu and Jean Chen
Larry Zhou and Jenny Xie
Student Donors
Cooper Grabow
Christopher Harlow
Elizabeth Harlow
Lauren Janeira
Kaveri Shankar
Sidharth Shankar
Alumni Donors
Iman Athar
Sevien Aubuchon
Ben Borgmann
Matt and Ruth Borgmann
Max Bott
Jack Branigan
Alex Brethauer
Aaron T. Chai
Joseph Chandler
Varun Chheda
Brett Clements
Lydia Copeland
Faith C. Dee
Emily Gelfman
Alex Gu
Agrayan Gupta
Soumya Gupta
Tim and Erica Harrison
Nicole Hay
Daniel and Erin Hellman
Cameron Hillsman
Jackie Hur
Brendan Hurley
Nick Jeffery
Kian Karimi
Faizan Khatib
Justin Kinchen
Annie Klemsz
Lillian Klemsz
Grace Lee
Brian Liu
Julia Mann
Joel Martin
Isak McCune
Emily McDonnell
Alexander McGrath
Chandler McGruder
Jasmine McWilliams
Kendrick Mernitz
Sophie Mernitz
Zoe Mervis
Nicolas Milender
Jack Milton
Rachel Moore
Priya Moorthy
Marina Morgan
Max Mukhin
Arya Narayanan
Richard Nargang
Catherine Neuman
Anya Neumeister
Colin Oberthur
Jennifer Oberthur
Jonathan Papp
Kathryn Papp
Sahvan Patel
Ethan Piper
Sophie Pollack-Milgate
Quincy Pyatt
Adhi Ramkumar
Priyanka Ranga
Joshua Rue
Sarah Robertson
Nick Rosiello
Madalyn Sailors
Grant Sajdak
Emily Schwartz
Anusha Sinha
Arunabh Sinha
Connor Smith
Justin Smith and Madeleine Briscoe Smith
Joey Smith
Donovan Snulligan
Becky Strapulos
Thomas Tanselle
Jayanth Tatikonda
Lawrence Trowbridge
Jay Wetzel
Andrew Wu
Michelle Yin
James Yin
Timur Yurtseven
Matching Gift Companies
Baxter International Foundation
Duke Energy
Duke Realty Corporation
Eli Lilly and Company
Ernst & Young
First Indiana Bank
JP Morgan Chase
John Deere
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Ortho Indy and IOH Foundation
Raytheon Company
Radiologic Specialists of Indiana
Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, Inc.
Memorial and Honor Gifts have been given in honor of the following persons:
Nayan Acharya
Tom Baker
Grace Bidelman
Diane Borgmann
Francine Clayton
Gene Eib
Ethel French
Jo Dee Grau
Becki Heusel
Shameel Khairi
Russel Kowlowitz
Carl Roman Kulawinski
Delores “Lita” Pardo Lage
Colleen Lahr
Kai Lawrence
Holly Lee
Jamie MacDougall
Camille Mervis
Jason Oldham
Morna Patrick
Lily Patricia Shively
Ted Smith
Mary Jo Wright
Faculty and Staff Donors
100% participation
Darren and Shelli Andrews
Tiffany Applegate
Ted and Marissa Argus
Brent and Katie Baker
Allen and Tracy Benningfield
John and Allison Bentel
Tom and Jenny Berger
Debbie Bonhomme
Bob and Diane Borgmann
Daniel and Erin Hellman
Kevin and Melissa Branigan
Kathy Demeter
Noah Brubaker and Lauren Ditchley
Brad and Laura Brueckmann
Melissa Burke
Dusty Burwell
Ric and Karen Chandler
Shawn and Julie Clawson
Bruce and Francine Clayton
Ryan and Jennifer Cox
Scott and Mary Davis
Jane DiMarzio
Mark and B.J. Drewes
Scott and Sissy Engle
David and Liz Fink
Larry and Carol Fletcher
Paula French
Steve and Doris Fulwider
Jim and Linda Gange
John and Laura George
Jenna Graham
Tom and Jo Dee Grau
Tom and Melissa Greer
Tim and Erica Harrison
Kehaulani Haydon and Robin Denman
Lori Henderson
Marcus and Jennifer Hendry
Jay and Cara Hermacinski
Kim and Becki Heusel
Toni Hillman
Thomas and Mia Hindman
Randy and Becky Horton
Ben and Rachel Ilnicki
Travis and Susan Jensen
Joanna Jockish       
Patrick and Krenta Juday
John and Susan Karpicke
Tim Kasper
Leslie Katz
Nathan Keith
Jeramy and Catherine Kirkendall
Karl and Beth Koehler
Mark and Colleen Lahr
Eric and Holly Lee
Cliff and Linda Lewis
Courtney Lickliter
Mike and Glenna Lykens
Jamie MacDougall and Heather Givens
Jim McCarter
Doug and Cindy McKay
Linda Mihm
Jim and Judith Mills
Michael and Amy Miltenberger
Steven and Ruth Moll
Bob and Denise Murphy
Rob and Amy Nichols
Mary O’Malley
Michelle and Jaxon Oldham
Tom and Kim Papp
Naomi Patterson
Doug and Lynn Pels
Irwin and Eileen Prince
Jeffery and Kim Pursch
Amy Ramage
John and Joan Rau
Tim and Deb Reidy
LeRoy and Janette Richins
David and Jane Schuth
Jeannie Shull
Jeff and Roxann Silvius
Micah and Lily Simpson
Ross and Beth Simpson
Nick and Tiffany Stahl
Bill and Deb Stewart
Joyce Szolek
Bill and Julie Szolek-Van Valkenburgh
Trent and Laura Tormoehlen
Tom and Maria Truesdale
Taylor Whitaker
Kit and Jennifer Williams
Steve Wolf and Pam Westermann
Aaron and Jean Wright
Philip and Mary Jo Wright
Jeff and Lori Yesh
Tony and Shae Young