Sycamore Saturdays: Science -- Things that Fly 

Thank you for everyone who has signed up. I am happy to report that we are currently full. Please keep an eye out for future Sycamore Saturday events!

Do you love science and things that fly? This Sycamore Saturday session will release your inner scientist as you design and build your own flight related objects including catapults, home-made boomerangs, and more.

Dr. Wendel will be sharing his Specatcular Science Show during the mid-morning break. You don't want to miss this!

Teachers: Mrs. Stahl, Sycamore Third Grade Teacher, and Mrs. Hendry, Sycamore First Grade Teacher

A welcome break during the winter months, the Sycamore Saturday programs are designed to be exciting enrichment activities for Sycamore students and great ways to sample the Sycamore Lower School curriculum for prospective students.

Pleae join us on Saturday, March 14 from 9am - 12pm for some fun!

For Lower School students currently in grades 1-4. Sycamore and non-Sycamore students are invited to attend.

The cost is $15.00 per student per session.
Class size is limited.
For more information, call 317-202-2544.
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