Extended Care Frequently Asked Questions

What is Extended Care?

Extended Care is a new option that families can choose that will provide full-day care for camp registrants.  This is important because all summer camps are half-day camps and we understand that some parents need supervision for their children during the summer months.

Who can attend Extended Care during the Summer Program?

Anyone who has registered for a week-long camp may also register for Extended Care during that week.

What are the hours of Extended Care?

Extended Care will be open from 7:30AM - 5PM on all camp days.

How much does Extended Care cost?

The total cost of the camp plus Extended Care option is $287 per week. This fee includes BOTH the student’s choice of camp AND Extended Care supervision for the week. What a great deal!

Will snacks be made available for my child during Extended Care?

Yes! Children will be provided with both a morning and an afternoon snack during Extended Care.

Will lunch be provided for my child during Extended Care?

No. Children will need to bring a packed nut-free lunch and a water bottle from home each day they attend.

Can I only register my child for camp or class and not Extended Care?

Yes. If you do not want to take advantage of the Extended Care program, then simply choose the “Camp only” option when registering for a camp or class.

What kinds of fun activities will children be participating in during Extended Care?

Children will be participating in a variety of fun activities including recess, group games, indoor gym time, free play, arts and crafts, and board games.

Are all camps half-day camps?  Can my child sign up for a morning and afternoon camp and have Extended Care during the between times?

Yes!  All camps are half-day camps and, if registering for two camps (an AM camp and a PM camp) on the same day, Extended Care is available for the before, after, and between times free of charge.

Who will be supervising my child during the Extended Care time periods?

Our experienced Quest staff will be supervising the children during all Extended Care time periods.

Will Sycamore’s COVID protocols be followed during Extended Care?

Yes. We will continue to follow all protocols set forth by the administration of Sycamore School. These protocols include: social distancing, wearing of a mask when not actively eating or drinking, continuous hand washing, sanitization of high-touchpoint surfaces, and daily health screenings.