The following are procedures and protocols for the 2020-2021 Quest Before and After School Program. This program will be implemented for the Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School divisions beginning the first full day of school.  Listed below are protocols and procedures that will be implemented. 
  •  All students MUST be pre-registered. There will be no drop-in students admitted to Quest until further notice. If at any point during a given week your child(ren) will need to use the Quest program, please register for the entire week of Quest, either before school, after school, or both time periods.  Pre-registering for the entire week should be completed even if the student will only be in attendance on particular and specified days of the week. This will help Quest staff to create assigned and socially distanced groupings of students. Families will only be charged for the days in which they actually use Quest. 
  • All students will be placed into assigned groupings during before school and after school Quest.  Assigned groups of students attending Quest will remain the same each and every day to mitigate the risk of cross-contamination amongst various grade levels. There will be no mixing of students amongst groups. 
  • Face coverings must be worn by all students and all staff members throughout the duration of both before and after school Quest. 
  • Quest staff members will frequently sanitize the spaces that their group occupies. They will wipe all surfaces and high-touch points before the start of the Quest time period, multiple times through the duration of Quest, and at the end of each day to prepare for the next day. All sanitization times will be monitored and logged on a log sheet by Quest staff members and the Quest Coordinator. 
  • Students will participate in hand washing and hand sanitization frequently during the Quest time periods.
  • The main entrance will be the only entrance in which parents will be able to check-in students for before school Quest and pick-up students during after school Quest.  This includes all students in all grade levels and divisions. 

Before School Quest Procedures  
  • A Quest staff member will have a check-in table set up for student check-in at the main entrance beginning at 7AM each school day. 
  • Pre-registered students from all divisions will be required to check-in at the main entrance. 
  • Parents are asked to drive up to the main entrance but remain in their vehicle with their student(s) until greeted by a Quest staff member. Parents will not be allowed to enter the school building until further notice. 
  • Parents are asked to report their student(s) daily screening information to the school before arriving in the morning via the My MedBot app. Information about reporting procedures and how to use this app will be shared with all families before the start of school.
  • A Quest staff member will verify the student(s) CO-VID screening information before allowing the student(s) to enter the school building.
  • Once the student’s CO-VID screening results are verified, the student will be allowed to enter the building and proceed to his/her assigned Quest area. Middle School students will be sent to the Hagerman Commons. Early Childhood and Lower School students will be sent to the Quest room. Younger students can be escorted by Quest staff members to their assigned Quest areas if they are feeling uncertain or anxious. 
  • If there are more than 12 students in attendance,  staff members will open up additional spaces/rooms for students to use so that social distancing protocols can be followed. Students will be placed into co-hort groups as best as possible.
  • Students will be dismissed from their designated areas to go to their classrooms three to five minutes before the school bell rings. This will help promote social distancing within the hallway areas, and students should be able to get settled into their classroom spaces with ease. 

After School Quest Procedures 
Early Childhood and Lower School Students: 
  •  Upon dismissal from the classroom, Early Childhood and Lower School students registered for after school Quest will check-in at the cafeteria entrance. Students will then be sent to their assigned group’s designated area within the cafeteria or theater lobby to wait for other group members. 
  • Quest staff members will be waiting in their group’s designated areas for the members of their assigned student groups to arrive.  
  • Once all of a group’s members have checked in, the group will then move to an assigned room throughout the building. Rooms that will be utilized include, but are not limited to the following:  LS Science Lab, Jones Room, Quest Room, Innovation Lab, and the Bhatia Lab.
  • All Quest groups will participate in a rotating schedule of activities to promote social distancing and allow for frequent cleaning and sanitization of supplies and spaces. A sample rotating schedule is available on the “Extended Programs” page of the Sycamore Portal. 
  • There will be no shared supplies during after school Quest.  Students will be given their own set of supplies to complete any and all activities that will be occurring on any given day. 

Middle School Students: 
  •  Upon dismissal from classrooms, middle school students who are registered for after school Quest will check-in with staff members in the Hagerman Commons. 
  • Staff members will place middle school students into grade level cohorts to mitigate the risk of cross-contamination amongst various grade levels.
  • During their time in Quest, middle school students will not have a set schedule of assigned activities, however there will be specific options given from which students will be asked to choose. 

Pick-up Procedures for All Pre-Registered Students (EC, LS, and MS)
  • All parents are asked to drive up to the main entrance of the building and announce their arrival to Quest staff via the REMIND messaging app. Information about how to download and use this app will be shared with all families before the start of school.
  • We ask that all parents remain in their vehicles for the duration of the pick-up process. 
  • Quest staff members will be notified through the REMIND app that a parent has arrived to pick up their child(ren). 
  • A Quest staff member will sign out the child(ren) and walk the child(ren) to the parent’s vehicle.