Distance Learning

Early Childhood

Since EC students do not have Google accounts, all communication will take place through the Portal. Teachers will be posting all lessons daily by 9:00am. Parents should be willing and expected to take pictures (via their cell phones) of their child’s learning activities and email them to the teacher to check for assessment and to gather feedback. 

Teachers will be able to present lessons that can be implemented at home to help facilitate a positive learning environment. Teachers will be happy to provide prompts on how to start the activity and additional activities upon request for further enrichment. Likewise, if your family has a great idea, feel free to share it with your child’s teacher. 

Daily work in the following areas is expected.
  • Language Arts 
    • Reading aloud, writing, phonological awareness
  • Mathematics
    • Counting, basic arithmetic, etc.
  • Games 
    • Physical activity, board games, mindfulness activities, exploring new interests, crafts
  • Exploration of Unit Topics
    • Applicable videos, activities, etc.

Specials (all EC students)

  • See Guidelines for Special Area Teachers.