Distance Learning

This site exists to provide information and resources so that students can continue to engage in a distance learning program in the event of school closure. The site is divided by school division.
The following four essential functions are addressed:
  1. Communication: How teachers will share information with students regarding instruction, assignments and assessment
  2. Content Delivery: How teachers will offer content to students and in what format.
  3. Interaction: How teachers will expect students to interact and how often.
  4. Assessment: How teachers will assess student work and communicate results.

Guidelines for Parents

  • Check the Portal daily for updates.
  • Help establish daily routines for your children (checking the Portal).
  • Monitor and check in with your child daily.
  • Encourage physical activity and social/emotional learning activities (provided on the Portal by Dr. Outcalt).
  • Contact teachers/assistants for clarification about assignments.
  • Contact Division Heads or Middle School Coordinator for more serious issues or if their child is ill.

Guidelines for Students

  • Check the Portal and email daily.
  • Distance learning is still learning.
  • Students must abide by all school rules when it comes to interacting with other students and teachers.
  • Complete all assignments.
  • Give parents a summary of what happened in school every day.
  • Ask questions (via email or Hangouts) when you are confused.
  • Be proactive with your learning; email or call friends for help.
  • Engage with your teacher or classmates on a regular basis; participation is important to let your teachers know that you are still active in the class.