Sycamore Teachers

We Are Sycamore

We Love Our Grandparents

Here’s the promise we make to you:

As a parent, you have already made certain promises to your children.

You have promised to keep them safe. To love them. To discover who they are, and to do what you can do to help them grow in that identity. You have promised to help them develop a vision for their lives. To equip them. And to send them into the world as prepared as they can be.

At Sycamore School, those are our promises to your child.  And to you.

Gifted Kids Being Themselves

For most people, the process of getting to know yourself and how you relate to other people is a daunting one. Anything that makes a child feel different can easily make him or her feel like an outsider. An understanding, accepting environment allows children to be themselves.

  • At Sycamore School, gifted students learn at a rate and intensity that fits them. It is accelerated, but it’s the rate and challenge that stirs intelligence to life and delight.
  • At Sycamore School, gifted students achieve greater learning success. The greatest challenge in educating a gifted student is engagement – and giving minds that cover ground in a big hurry a ton of ground to explore.
  • At Sycamore School, high intelligence is normal. Rather than being “different” and feeling like an outsider, gifted is the norm at Sycamore, which allows kids to be themselves.
Sycamore is the one place I fit in, in a world where everywhere else I always stand out.