Tips for Gifted and Talented Students


  • When you have a concern, share it with a trusted friend, relative, or another adult. Thinking out loud helps define the issue; others may offer support and ideas.
  • Focus on problem-solving. Find out all you can; consider different views; consider whether the issue needs to be reframed; develop a strategy.
  • Work hard. Sometimes more effort is spent on worrying about assignments, grades, or other concerns than is spent on actual work related to the concerns.
  • Develop social skills. Be genuinely interested in others and what they are doing; be kind to everyone; invite someone else to share an activity both will enjoy.
  • Keep a journal or write songs or poetry. Regular writing about your thoughts and feelings helps you to clarify and allows you to see the progress you are making in growth and maturity.
  • Engage in regular physical activity. Burning off energy in sports or physical exercise releases tension and promotes good health and positive self-concept.
  • Do something for others. Engage in some sort of community service or regular assistance to someone less fortunate; it puts your own problems in perspective and boosts your self-esteem.
  • Engage in relaxing activities for enjoyment. Read, sing, play an instrument, watch movies, cook, build things, follow a team, listen to music, go to a play, etc.


  • Worry without developing a positive plan for a solution
  • Wishful thinking without developing goals and plans
  • Neglect of work or problems
  • Withdrawing from others
  • Excessive self-blame and self-criticism
  • Expecting yourself and/or others to be perfect

Burney, V& Speirs Neumeister, K. (2006). Guiding Students with High Abilities: Social and Emotional Considerations. Indiana Department of Education, Indianapolis, IN.

Additional information can be found in the newest Indiana Department of Education guide called Guiding Students with High Abilities: Social and Emotional Considerations 
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