Faculty & Staff

Sycamore School Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Sycamore faculty and staff members are passionate about gifted children and their education.  They are creators and innovators who guide our students to learn creative problem-solving techniques, master higher-level thinking skills, and become critical thinkers.  Faculty members write curriculum for their classrooms and master the enormous task of differentiating instruction based on each child’s skill level and readiness in each subject area.  They share their knowledge about gifted children and gifted education through frequent presentations at local and national conferences and during Sycamore’s annual Gifted Education Summit.

All lead teachers have or are working to complete their High Ability Licensure.  Fifty-nine percent of our lead teachers hold master’s degrees. Their years of teaching experience range from 1-50 years, and they average 8 years of teaching at Sycamore.  

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