Sycamore School


Annual Fund: 2011-12 Annual Giving

2011-2012 Annual Giving Campaign

SYCAMORE CIRCLE – ($10,000.00 + )
Martin Bott and Angelia Barnes*
Robert and Helen Brody
Marc and Lori Ann Gerdisch
Phil and Irma Johnson*
Bob Moorthy and Sheila Valluri
Sycamore School Association

SCHOLAR – ($5,000.00 + )
Sumeet and Sumeeta Bhatia
Paul Helft and Melissa Cavaghan
Thomas and Linda Kaplan
Michael and Julie Mervis
Daniel and Jeanette Robertson*

BENEFACTOR – ($2,500.00 + )
ADL Charitable Trust
Robert and Diane Borgmann
Mary Brown*
Michael and Traci Caldwell
Bruce and Francine Clayton
Pawel and Lou Fludzinski*
Kraig Kinchen and Tina Harris*
Ron Laufer and Anat Ashkenazi*
Christopher and Seema Mernitz
Matthew and Tammi Scozzaro
Jack and Laurie Tanselle

LEADER – ($1,000.00 + )
Nayan Acharya and Lily Pai-Acharya*
Michael and Suzanne Baach
Brian and Vanessa Barth*
Eleanor Bookwalter
Bryan and Virginia Burney
Scott and Annette Childress
Daniel and Laura Conder
Standiford Cox*
Thomas and Sara Duiser
Geisse Foundation
Jeffrey Hagerman
Jeffrey and Sharon Hearn
Travis and Susan Jensen
John and Susan Karpicke
Syed and Mariam Khan
William and Rebecca Klenk
Song-Chu Ko and Son Byeon
Eric and Holly Lee
Joseph and Susan Loftus
Michael and Glenna Lykens
Joe Mahenthiran and Rathi Mahendran
Raj and Dheepa Maturi
Clement and Kellie McDonald
Brian and Cecelia McDonnell
Terrence and Monique McWilliams*
Josh and Lynn Mervis
Louis and Kathleen Metzmann
Sanjay Mishra and Seema Verma
Sherwin and Mary Mizell
Travis and April Morgan
Christopher and Mercy Obeime
Troy Payner and Cara Peggs
James Pearson
Benjamin Pecar and Leslie Thompson
Otto and Jenny Reifeis
Michael and Patty Rosiello
Saihari and Priya Sadanandan
Mark Salzinger and Ruth Belin*
Willam and Karen Shirrell
Praveen and Karen Vohra
Gary and Kim Warren
John Whorley and Lisa Haynes
Aaron and Jean Wright

FRIEND ($500.00 + )
Neil and Tamara Aubuchon
Douglas Brooks and Mary Gambone
Donald and Catherine Brown
John and Mary Ann Childress
Dan and Julie Ciaccia
Benjamin and Kathryn Copeland
Ed and Jane Edson
John and Cynthia Egloff
Alexander and Patricia Godfrey
Robert and Nancy Havlik
Eugene and Kathy Hollander
Yoo Seok and Woo Hong*
William and Suzanne Jannetta
Patrick and Krenta Juday
Nyle Kardatzke
Jack and Betty Krebs
Deshun Lu and Yan Jin
Dwight and Lisa Lueck
Jamie MacDougall
Michael and Ann Merkel
Louis and Sybil Mervis
Jim and Judith Mills
Laurence Neuman and Julie Sommers Neuman
Patrick and Taeran Park
Mihir and Chandrika Patel
Irwin and Eileen Prince
Bob and Elaine Sandy
Franklin Sequeira and Deeya Brooks
Daniel and Christine Siders*
Leo and Barbara Spaans
James and Tracy Swearingen
David and Stella Talkington
Gary Thompson and Leigh Harris*
Scott and Sharon Weigand
Stephen and Ginat Wintermeyer
John and Corinne Worzalla*
Syed-Adeel Zaidi and Areeba Kara

SUPPORTER ($250.00 + )
Birol and Sebahat Aydin
Jason and Tami Beheler*
Donald and Carla Bennett
James Blaufuss and Elena Burtea
Charles and Julie Bookwalter
Manish Chheda and Seema Dedhiya
Benjamin and Kathryn Copeland
Mark and Jacqueline Dall*
Debashish and Soma Dey
Syed and Zehra Eqbal
Jack and Marge Farr
John and Nancy Farrar
Bob Fischer
James and Linda Gange
Mark and Cynthia George
Ken and Marjie Giffin
Yi Gu and Min Xiao
Troy Hege and Claire Fiddian-Green
Horst and Angie Hemmerle
Simon and Kim Hillier
Timothy and Cami Hovda
Louis Janeira and Jane Crawford
Charles and Nadine Kahi
Randy and Cindy Loser
Mark Lybik and Leslie Joseph
Brent and Catherine McIntosh
John and Susan McNett
William and Ann Moreau
John and Kimberly Neidigh
Jon Newhard and Evelyn Gerson
Rob and Amy Nichols
Tyrone and Sherron Rogers
Alan and Jennifer Schwartz
Donald and Barbara Skibbe
Joseph and Karen Smith
Fred and Helen Stehman
Robert and Susan Stephens
Steve and Yukiko Sugino
William and Aasha Trowbridge
Anthony and Tammy Wilkerson
Steve and Mary Ann Yedinak

DONOR ($1.00 + )
Brittany Alamillo
Jill Allen
Neil and Tamara Aubuchon
Birol and Sebahat Aydin
Ben and Katie Baker
Robert and Christine Baldwin
Tito and Adel Balhon
Emily Barnes
Thomas and Catherine Barth
Terry Baumer and Patricia Gabig
Mark and Kristin Beaty
Robert and Marjorie Beaty
David and Debra Bell
Steven and Pamela Benz
Thomas and Jennifer Berger
Christopher Beyers
David and Michelle Biagioni
Diane Biagoni
Christina Biro
James Bishop and Lyudmila Aslanyan
Al and Kristin Bodey
Geraldine Bonarrigo
Fred and Deborah Bonhomme
Georgia Bott
Maximilian Bott
Dan and Robyn Bowers
Kevin and Melissa Branigan
Robert and Janet Brooks
Noah Brubaker and Lauren Ditchley
Bradley and Laura Brueckmann
Michael Burton and Gerrie Bonarrigo-Burton
Eileen Burtzlaff
Justine Burwell
Anthony and Lori Buzzetti
Anton and Michele Cabellon
Paul and Mary Caldwell
Sofia Cento
Frank and Jean Cheng
Mi Cho
Brian and Renita Clarke
Class of 2020
Ryan and Jenny Cox
Linda Crady
Mark and Denise Cudworth
Scott and Mary Davis
David and Erin DeBrota
Evan Denis and Lindsey Hudson Denis
Russ and Karen Desserich
Jane DiMarzio
Bill and Fran Doherty
Mary Doherty
Mark and BJ Drewes
David Duffield and Lauren Christopher
Steve and Rita Dunn
John and Linda Eads
Gene and Betty Eib
Scott and Sissy Engle
John and Joyce Ertel
Cesar Espin and Eryn Espin-Kudzinski
Arthur and Marianna Fallon
David and Elizabeth Fink
Larry and Carol Fletcher
Jan and Giulia Fludzinski
Keith and Carolann Fulk
Arturo and Farida Gallanosa
Zixuan Gao
Stephen and Kaki Garard
April Gauthier
Harold and Nancy George
John and Lauren George
Robert and Rose-Marie Gerisch
Girl Scout Troop #1352
Girl Scout Troop #1015
Girl Scout Troop #2642
Perry and Karen Glait
Sunil Gollapudi and Sylvia ertel
Barton Grabow
Bradford and Stephanie Grabow
Rick and Candi Granlund
Tom and Jo Dee Grau
Greater Horizons
Austin and Christine Greene
Joseph and Greta Grider
Gunar and Eleanor Grubaums
Sandeep and Anita Gupta
Elizabeth Hagerman
Mark and Mary Kay Hagerman
Christopher Harlow
Elizabeth Harlow
Jason Hawes
Lee and Marianna Hege
Charles Henderson and Camille Nicodemus
Lori Henderson
Paul Henderson
Roberta Henderson
Marcus and Jennifer Hendry
Britian and Angela Henry
James and Cara Hermacinski
Lowell and Rebecca Heusel
Brian and Sara Hicks
Judith Hill
Greg and Toni Hillman
Michael and Amy Hillsman
Thomas and Mia Hindman
Amy Hopler
Randolph and Rebecca Horton
John and Maeleen Hurley
Thomas and Joyce Hurley
Steve and Sheila Hyatt
Mircea and Cristina Ivan
Troy Jeffery
Joanna Jockish
Michael and Carla Johnson
Jeff Jones
Rex and Carol Joseph
Thomas Kaplan
Leslie Katz
Jack and Patricia Kennedy
Sakib Khalid and Kiran Naqvi
Sirajabid and Syeda Khatib
John and Jennifer Killian
Ernest and Barbara Kinchen
Michael and Abigail Klemz
Jonathan and Courtney Koch
William and Michelle Kossman
Aleksandr and Irina Kreyden
K.V. Krishnamoorthy
Sheriee Ladd
Daniel Laufer
Tony and Peggy Lavagnino
HuiBae and Jessica Lee
Roger and Joanne Lenke
Cliff and Linda Lewis
Baohui Li and Peiyi Yang
Courtney Lickliter
Kevin and Jacqui Liebrum
Jeffrey and Kristine Lingenfelter
James and Jamie Long
Russell and Shirley Love
Ralph and Waneta Lynch
William and Cindy Mackensen
Robert and Ellen Marcus
Mike and Helen McCune
Lorraine McDonnell
Doug and Cynthia McKay
Robert and Angelica McMurtray
Richard and Mary Mihm
Arvind and Aasha Modak
Margaret Mohler
Javad Momayez and Xiaoling Xuei
Jude and Rametu Momodu
Matthew and Christine Moore
Sreenivasa and Punyam Moorthy
Bob and Denise Murphy
John and Maureen Murphy
Daniel and Christine Mytelka
Shekar and Divya Narayanan
Kannan and Lekshmi Natarajan
Nicholson and Heather Neal
Dennis and Mary Neidigh
Charles and Camille Nicodemus
James and Carolyn Noland
Sean and Elizabeth O’Farrell
Patrick and Donna O’Keefe
Jason and Michelle Oldham
Christine Oleshchuk
Peter and Merri Beth Oleshchuk
Mary O’Malley
Olawale and Ann Osuntokun
Ronald and Shirley Owen
Laxman and Aruna Pai
Carol Paik
James Palmer and Michelle Bell Palmer
Pamela Pangan-Varble
Thomas and Kim Papp
Vincent and Lynda Parziale
Steven and Aline Passik
Pagan and Kapila Patel
Naomi Patterson
John and Celeste Pechette
Paul Pelech
Lynn and Douglas Pels
Frank and Elizabeth Peyton
Neil and Deborah Pickett
Ryan and Diane Piper
Michael and Yasemin Pirkle
Edward and Sara Pollack
Marija Popovic
Valerie Purvin
Frank Qian and Jennifer Liu
Joan Rau
Robert and Rashmi Recinto
Timothy and Deborah Reidy
Gregory and Melody Reveal
Cindy Richardson
LeRoy and Janette Richins
Phillip and Dianne Ridings
Mark and Laura Rodman
Jeffrey and Betsey Sajdak
Robert and Patricia Sanborn
Mary Sanders
DiAnne Schmitt
Thomas and Julia Schroeder
David and Jane Schuth
Patrick and Christine Schwab
Sanford and Doris Schwartz
Salvatore and Christine Scozzaro
Jeffrey Seifert and Hong Liu-Seifert
David and Ellen Seifeth
James and Sandra Senetar*
Jeannie Shull
Gregory and Idella Simmons
Anjan Sinha and Dolly Rani
Jim Smith and Nora Doherty
Joe and Brenda Smith
Eric Sprague
John and Amanda St. Clair
Nick and Tiffany Stahl
Lance and Nelly Steele
Matthew and Jane Stegemiller
Neil Steinbart and Kay Pashos
William and Debra Stewart
Derrick and Debra Stout
Bob and Kimberly Strapulos
Bill and Janet Taylor
Nancy Thompson
Paul and Cheryl Thompson
Bruce Thompson
Trent and Laura Tormoehlen
Paul and Marjorie Valliere
Dick and Joann Vance
Brian and Rhonda White
Elizabeth Wiese
Christopher and Jennifer Williams
Andrew and Lynn Wirick
Eric Wolf and Julie Reed
Steve Wolf and Pam Westermann
Christopher and Rebecca Wood
Tom and Jan Wright
Ramaraja Yalavarthi
Kathleen Yesnik
Megan Yoder
Anthony and Shea Young
Insia Zaidi
Yaoqi Zhou and Wendy Yuan

Eli Lilly and Company
Endo Pharmaceuticals
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
JP Morgan Chase
Raytheon Company
Roche Diagnostics
Validated Custom Solutions


Class of 1990
Shan Cheng and Allison Klenk

Class of 1993
Brett Clements

Class of 1994
Ian and Courtney Henderson

Class of 1996
Justin and Madeleine Smith

Class of 1999
Tim and Erica Harrison

Class of 2000
John and Amanda Ross

Class of 2005
Kristen Senetar

Class of 2007
Samuel Clarke

Class of 2008
Jacob Baldwin
Anne Buckwalter
Ted Cho

Class of 2009
McKenna Duiser
Christopher Jones
Melanie Metzman
Gabriel Pinkus
James Wang
Mary Watkins
David Wintermeyer

Class of 2010
William Baach
Jonathan Brooks
Ann Duffield
Samuel Pickett

Class of 2011
Jeffrey Cheng
Lauren Ciulla
Laurel Fink
Courtney Glait
Kelly Hann
John Havlik
Kyra Kofodimos
Rachel Pinkus
Andrew Porten
Emil Risk
Jonathan Taylor
Erin Tupman
Julia Wang

David Clapp
Bill Crittenden
Arthur Dodd
Richard Dodd
Jane Hill
Jack Juday
Darlene Kardatzke
Steven Sandy

Laura Brueckmann
Sissy Engle
Don Fledderjohn
Patrick Juday
Susan Karpicke
Scott Kennedy
Holly Lee
Ann Snyder

Auction for Advancement
Number of Library Book Donations: 235
Girls’ Conference Sponsorships: $1,750
Eighth Grade Gift: $1,086

*Includes Matching Employer Funds